A very Braxton thing to do

Monday, May 19th, 2014
  • Fighting a man from your hospital bed?
  • Unsure of your parentage?
  • Keeping secrets unnecessarily?
  • Topless 50%+ of the time?
  • Use the word “Oi” excessively?
  • Work intermittently?
  • Swan into and out of jail for a crime you didn’t commit?

Congratulations, you’re a Braxton!


Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Casey is still in hospital, topless. The legs aren’t up to scratch yet but that will be remedied before too long. Tamara was worrying about him, so Kyle selflessly acknowledged the bond between her and Braxton the Younger, and advised her to visit her mate at Summer Bay General. However, he didn’t expect her to stay there all night; now he’s suss that her feelings for Casey are bubbling to the surface again. I personally would like them all to be in a couple, Crazy-Eye Casey, Jutting Jaw Kyle and Great Hair Tamara. That would be a riot.

Zac went to visit his bro and the kids at the cult. It was all very sinister; the background music should have tipped him off that something wasn’t right. His niece loves the cult but his nephew’s not so sure so Zac schlipped him his phone number. Cue an escape.

Irene and Chris are still blueing. He is an inconsiderate thick who cannot understand rules. If there is anyone who can put him on the straight and narrow, it’s Irene (girlie).

Spanner in the works

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

The gym had a very successful launch, and Romeo and Indi decided to christen it, by taking it to the next level there and then. They were interrupted by Sid, however. Scarleh for them. Crucially, Romeo also started complaining of a pain in his shoulder. “Come on down the hospital, Romeo, mate”, arsa Sid.

Once down the hospo, Sid said the damage was just muscular. Deadly, thought Romeo. Later that evening, though, Sid informed Romeo that the radiologist spied something on his x-ray and that he better get it checked out. Uh-oh, radiologist? Here be a cancer storyline?

Who was the last person in the Bay to have cancer? I was going to say Belle, but of course Irene had a run-in with the Big C lately. Boo cancer.

Casey has an opportunity to avoid going back to jail, if he’ll just tell The Super who stabbed him. Young Braxton doesn’t want to leave Jamie in an even worse position though. No-0ne else can understand this.

Maddie had a strop with Roo, out of the blue. Then she returned her violin to Alf. Cop on, girlie.

bring back miles
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all the dead

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