Grandpa Alf

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Sally’s back, with little Pippa in tow; she thinks everything is “cool”. She also thinks Alf is her Grandpa. No, Pip, that’s Michael (is it?), and Flynn’s da, and probably Leah’s crazy angry dad as well.

Roo didn’t take kindly to Sally just showing up and acting like she owns the place, which she actually does. What a mad reaction. Anyway, they’re friends now.

Sally’s red dress was very nice indeed. Obviously the wardrobe department haven’t got their hands on her yet. She’ll be in a massive kaftan in no time.

Maddie is annoyed with Sasha for sleeping with Spencer, especially since Sasha experienced similar angst when Casey and Tamara got together (mucho teenage drama down Summer Bay way at the moment). Sasha’s reaction was to decide she’s leaving town with Flying Doctor Sid. I think she’ll come to her senses shortly.

Holly summoned Zac to the cliffs (Stewart’s Point?) and asked him why he wouldn’t sleep with her. She doesn’t seem to understand the teacher-student dynamic. She is threatening suicide if he doesn’t “go there”. I don’t really care because he is a big dum dum who didn’t even tell another adult that a student rang him in distress.

Casey conflicted

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Casey is having a hard time adjusting to Brax going out with Ricky, given that she is partly responsible for ruining his life. John took him for a walk and said he’d be there for Casey if he needs a mate to talk to, which was good of him. Brax is perturbed that Casey took the decision on his own without consulting with his older bro. Casey then took the step of moving out. He is ok with their relationship but he won’t live under the same roof as them.

Kyle and Casey are still at odds over Tamara. What happens when she gets her memory back? He called her parents to see if they could talk some sense into their daughter and they asked her if she would like to move home with them. She’s thinking about it, but she doesn’t want to leave Kyle.

The coppers think that Zac or Kyle stored drugs in Leah’s house but we all know it was Holly, the Bay’s youngest psycho. When Heath heard he used it as an opportunity to have a go at Kyle. Kyle is likely to get sacked if he’s up on drug charges according to Bianca. Heath did some investigating with “the Boyz” and one of them said they had sold her the drugs, but they won’t tell the cops, obviously. Holly said she’d tell the cops what she did, if he agrees to spend the night with her.

The Grand Finale

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Adam’s criminal warehouse was like something out of Homeland. Brax ran in blind to rescue Ricky, even though he knew it was a trap. Adam was waiting for him and shot him in the belly, the low-down dirty rat. “Now I get to watch you die”, Adam said. I wasn’t sure if I was watching the wrong show, maybe this was Love/Hate and not Home and Away.

Cue Brax’s dream, him standing on top of a cliff, looking out to sea. It reminded me of Alf going on his spirit walk as the Aboriginal man years ago after an operation. Ricky called an ambulance for Brax but he was too busy zoning out and dying to pay attention to what was happening in the real world.

They managed to get him to the hospital and April and Dr Sid got to work on him. Heath turned up at the hospital to give Ricky a serve then went off at Dex and April for not being able to predict the future. Ricky got interviewed by the baldy nameless cop and dobbed on her bro. Casey and Kyle should be in the clear now.

Adam managed to walk into the hospital during the night and knocked Heath out with a wrench. Adam was about to kill Brax when ghost Charlie appeared in his dream. She told him to wake up, his eyelids fluttered open for a second, but it didn’t matter. Adam injected some stuff into the patient causing him to go into arrest. Dex disturbed Adam and Heath tackled him, but it could be too late for Darryl. Only ghost Charlie can save him now I reckon.

Zac is in trouble over Holly’s sex attack claims which appeared in the local news. He’s been suspended from school and had a rock thrown through his window. Maddie confronted Holly again but she remains unrepentant over her treatment of Zac.

I loved Alf’s “no flamin worries” and Jett’s “strewth” in yesterday’s episode. He’s developing into a proper Aussie bloke under the old man’s influence.

sick brax

Poor Sick Brax!


What’s this tattoo?

ghost charlie

Ghost Charlie doing a classic Charlieface!

Nothing but a dobber

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Maddy felt bad about the trouble that Zac has gotten into. She ratted Holly out to Bianca. The principal came to her senses and realised Holly was full of crap. She confronted her student but Holly is admitting not defeat yet and maintains her innocence. It’ll have to be referred to the department and Zac is on a suspension. Holly went to confront Maddy on the beach and denounced her as a dobber. This drove Maddy to tears, the poor little rat.

“You are a dead-set idiot” is what Heath said to Kyle in the hospital. How right he was when the coppers turned up and arrested Kyle. Kyle hung around at Tamara’s bedside as she is disorientated and has amnesia. She can’t remember Casey or anything that happened since she first appeared in the show. I’d say she’ll fall for Kyle before she recovers her memory. It’s quite similar to the storyline when Leah fell for Peter Baker only for him to fall into a coma, years ago. The writers love an amnesia storyline.

Brax is worried that Ricky may have come a cropper since Tamara was the one that was freed. Heath doesn’t really understand why Brax gives a damn about her, then Brax revealed that he might love her. If only he could have fallen for somebody who wasn’t the sister of his nemesis.

Change of Life

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Well, John is annoyed with Marilyn, so she asked Harvey to talk to him to see if he was coping ok, so Harvey told him that Roo is going through the menopause. Which she isn’t. John told Roo, who was not impressed. All these hurt feelings are causing awful confusion.

Holly is still cracking on to Zach. Very strange. Why would she be bothered? Anyway, he has told Nat, who advised him to tell Bianca. He won’t and then Holly will accuse him of molestation and then where will we all be? Hah?

Rosie hasn’t told her foster parents she’s up the duff. Has anyone told Mullins? Is he going to jail or anything, like? Or is it all ok once he has left town, like Ruby?

Heath and Brax now know that the joint Casey has allegedly robbed belongs to Adam. This is only confusing them further. Bianca got cross with Heath so he went home, instead of fending off crims. Will she be kidnap victim number 3?

The Boize: Private Detective Agency

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

That episode was way more crack.

Firstly, Casey is in a remand centre as a result of being arrested for armed robbery. Brax came to visit and give out about Casey giving a statement without their lawyer there. Neither of them know their lawyer’s name. Brax also assured Casey that The Boize are on the case. The Boize don’t seem to have names either, and if it was down to them, Case would be inside for manys a long year.

Rosie is not facing up to the realities of being a teenage mum. She is counting on Sasha, Spencer (who has only been her friend for a week) and Zach for support. Why she doesn’t talk to Natalie or Roo, who actually had a teenage pregnancy (and is still wearing the clothes), is beyond me.

A random bitchy character cropped up today – Holly. She is there to slag Rosie off in general. Summer Bay High is great for the odd wagon, remember that one that bullied Jett?

The episode ended with Brax sitting in what seemed to be an outside kitchen. Very weird. He was on the whiskey, which as everyone knows, is only for consumption in ditches. Ricky is being a great support to everyone. If I were her I’d scarper, especially as Brax has sworn to kill the dog that landed Casey in the clink again.

bring back miles
Original image from This is Oz

all the dead

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