Mysterious silhouette

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Who was the mystery weirdo watching Charlie and Brax having a pash? Wouldn’t it be deadly if it was Alf, and this was a hobby of his?

Anyway would Charlie and Brax ever eff off? She’s a cop and bad at her job. He’s a prior dealie (betcha that’s a word) with ties to his past. I get it, it’s a conflict. Zzzzzzzz

Miles found out about Elijah fancying Leah. He was heartbroken, poor thing. Leah doesn’t know, and has no interest in the Rev. Good woman Leah, he’s turned into a SAP. Miles is going to visit Sally in Thailand, hopefully he meets Cassie and Baby Henk too.

Romeo got yet another job, and immediately asked for an advance. My faith in his business acumen is dwindling by the day.

Sid and Roo are an item again. Turns out she loves paeLLa.

There’s been a murder

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011


Robert Robertson is back in force after his Christmas break. He’s interviewed a few of the locals and found out that Alf told Penn he’d “flamin’ kill” him, on the very night he was “murdered”.

I bet Penn’s hiding out somewhere. Probably with Hugo and Martha, in the secret Aussie hiding place.

Dr. Sid called around to deliver Nicole’s HIV results. She’s clear. That’s probably because she didn’t hang out with HIV Henk much.

Will and Irene had a good oul’ heart to heart.  He cheated on Gypsy and she ran away.  That’s why the young one is afraid Daddy Will Smith will run off too.  She doesn’t want to go to school either, probably because she’s the only child in Summer Bay.

Welcome to Summer Bay

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Summer Bay – popular with surfers, fishermen, rapists and psychopaths.  Now that Ruby has met up with her dad, who raped Charlie, sure it’ll only be five minutes before he ends up in the bay.  It’s a magnet for ne’er do wells.  But maybe the sea air will have a calming and positive influence on him, causing him to mend his erroneous ways.

There have been previous reformed rapists who managed to be accepted in the bay.  First there was Kane who raped Dani back in the day. He was eventually accepted by all, even Kirsty for some bizarre reason.  In more recent times Henk made an appearance which shocked Rachel as he had raped her when they were younger.  Cassie wasn’t too put off and went out with him despite his weird name.

bring back miles
Original image from This is Oz

all the dead

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