Banger bows out

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Harvey said a very long goodbye to the Bay today. They all got over it and let him leave, even Spencer who was having a hard time adjusting to his impending departure. As a consequence, Maddy was spending a lot of time with Spencer, causing Josh to go green with jealousy. He gave her an ultimatum but she opted to stick with Spencer et al, so that’s it, they’re done.

Chris is going to try and become a matchmaker for Irene. He wants Johnny boy Palmer to help him, but John is reluctant. I’m inclined to agree with John, arranged dates don’t usually end well in the Bay.

Sasha and Tamara are at loggerheads over the school captaincy. Tamara is counting on the Mangrove River vote but Andy told her that she’s barking up the wrong tree there, those students won’t bother voting. Tamara made friends with Phoebe over a beer in Angelo’s, then had a go at Sasha who was there for dinner. Tamara may have the superior policies but Sasha has the advantage of promising free ice cream, that could clinch her the election.

Grilling me like a cheese sandwich

Monday, April 7th, 2014

John was simultaneously accommodating Harvey and avoiding Roo’s questions; until she barged up to his house and told her husband to leave the Bay and leave everyone in peace. Good advice.

Sasha’s run for school captain got off to a bad start; Matt and the other students drowned out her speech by chanting Tamara’s name instead. Not since the days of Kirsty and Jade have students been so passionate about school politics.

Denny was about to leave the Bay when Evelyn demanded a tete-a-tete. They’ll be devoted sisters before you can say “strike me flamin’ handsome”.

What is Smooth Harve at?

Saturday, April 5th, 2014


Plus, they’re off to get Brax – yessss.


Alf’s aces high

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

There was a girlie night in aid of Roo at the caravan park. All of the Bay’s female population were there along with Alf who cleaned up at the poker table. Roo was temporarily distracted by the fun but she’s still having a hard time adjusting to his absence.

Harvey is hanging out in John’s house, or should I say hiding out. Spencer went over for a talk, trying to get him to come back to his wife but he wasn’t budging. He wants to leave the Bay but Roo isn’t willing to go. This is an insurmountable problem. She called over to John’s and asked him for a divorce.

Kyle let Tamara off easy for her final shift at Angelo’s. Then he called over to Phoebe’s caravan for a jam and a flirt. He told her he feels he belongs in the Bay and is happy to be a Braxton. He tried to kiss her which caused her to call it a night. What is she up to? I don’t really understand why she is sticking around town, unless it’s just an attempt to win Kyle back.

Sasha has decided she wants to become school captain, it’s a great idea, she is a leader of men and women. I would vote for her. Spencer is going to help, maybe he’ll be her campaign manager/press officer, the Alastair Campbell to her Tony Blair.

Girls Night In 2014

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Sasha, Marilyn and Roo decided to have a girls’ night for Roo as she is so head-wrecked over Harvey. I’d say Marilyn is the queen of girls’ nights. While the ladies were boosting morale, Harvey was rowing with Chris and showing up at John’s, looking for a place to stay.

Does anyone know what happened to Harvey? He was stuck alone on a boat/island? This is a very extreme reaction.

Oscar met up with Denny and they got on grand. Evelyn is refusing contact.

Moving forward

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Sean spent the episode throwing his weight around, trying to intimidate and kidnap half the bay. He had Andy cornered in the caravan park and was starting to bash when Casey turned up at the head of the Boyz, it’s great to see the old gang back together. Casey managed to face him down which saved Andy’s bacon. Kyle got the hump that he wasn’t invited along for the gang war so he met Sean later and brought him to Angelo’s, trying to pay him off. Sean was ungrateful and didn’t accept Kyle’s offer of a payoff to walk away. He swung but clearly didn’t realise who he was messing with, Kyle made dirt of Sean, and kicked him out of his blood stained restaurant. When Casey turned up asking after Sean’s whereabouts, Kyle pleaded ignorance, saying he had no idea where Sean had got off to.

A short while later he turned up in Irene’s. Bashed, bloody but unbowed, he still found time to threaten and intimidate a few more cast members, namely Irene, Sasha, Spencer and Chris. He has them prisoner in their own home now, which is lovely and tidy after the slave labour the kids have to put in for partying too hard in Irene’s gaff.

Harvey is still trying to figure out who he is since he returned from his ordeal. He spent the night outdoors, sleeping rough under the stars. I wonder if he would like a go at Sid’s ditch, it’s free now the good Dr. has left town.

Snitches get stitches

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Some lad wrecked the gym because he’s after Andy. Casey was none too impressed and accused the Mangrove Riveronian of the deed. Andy said “stuff you, and stuff your job”. So, he’ll be back working there tomorrow. Later, the bad dude met Andy in the caravan park, and he brought back-up. There’s gonna be a bashing.

What is the crack with Harvey? He is in actual bits. Roo can’t get through to him at all, at all. I know he did say what happened, but it was so vague I’ve forgotten. Was he stuck on a boat in a storm, or what?

Memory magic

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Sing hallelujah, Bianca’s brainwrong has been vanquished by the simple healing power of…time. She remembered Heath reading her beauty tips aloud from one of her ladymags. Indeed, who could forget Mr. Braxton singing the praises of a cool green tea bag applied to a swollen eye?

Ricky’s brain, on the other hand, is not entirely under her control, it seems. One overheard comment from Dr. Dreamboat about her living arrangements, and off she went into the clear blue night. She is extremely susceptible to suggestion. Later, the good doc talked her into staying in the Bay. He’s sticking around too, and is moving into Leah’s Hostelry for Lost Souls.

Harvey showed up, still shook, and still saying nothing about his ordeal. This calls for a poll; get clicking and cast your vote (see right)!

Sniper snared

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Fair play to you Heathcliff Braxton, you fairly caught the Sniper red-handed. There, she was, shlipping the phone she used to detonate the bomb into some poor unsuspecting child’s locker. Anyway, Leah is on to her too, so it was only a matter of time before the truth came to light.

Is there a police work-to-rule on in Yabbie Creek or something? The local residents have resorted to solving their own crimes. Zach, Hannah, Casey and Tamara sought out the kidnapped kids without anyone asking law enforcement for help. Renegades. They found Evelyn, Oscar and Kyle half-dead from oxygen deprivation, but two minutes later sure they were grand. No need to take them to hospital, or call the ambos, noooooo that’s not the Summer Bay renegade way. Anyway, as it turned out, topless Dr. Nate was hanging out Chez Braxton.

There was a distinct lack of orange jumpsuits at the bomb site. Alf seemed to be the only regular who bothered.

Harvey is not saying much about his ordeal; maybe he went on a bender and is only coming around now.

I’m sorry, I take it all back

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

After all of my giving-out that H&A was gone a bit zzz, a bit meh, they throw that episode at us! Look at all that happened:

Harvey came back!! I’m so glad I was too lazy to put him on the wall of death now! No explanation yet though. Bet he swam back.

Oscar and Evelyn got kidnapped by their dad, who is now CULT BOSS!! Kyle put in a brave effort trying to save them, but got bashed by cult hencemen. He’s come a long way since his own kidnapping days.

Montgomery’s bomb went off, in the hospital!! Ricky, Bianca, Heath, Irene and Nate all got flung about in the blast. Is that the end of Brax Junior?

AND, Johnny Cooper was on TwoTube! He was a classic Summer Bay baddie, throwing his weight around, threatening Brad, and making his brother Rocco stab Sally. HELLO TEACH!


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