Special cuddles

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

After breaking up with Ricky yesterday, Brax broke up with the boys today. He told them he’s getting transferred but won’t tell them where so they can’t visit, they’ll have to get on with their lives. He wants them to keep an eye on Ricky and help her out. She had planned to move out but the boys want her to stay, the baby won’t have a dad but will have 3 live-in uncles. Is that the end of Brax?  I’m surprised he didn’t go down in a blaze of gunfire, killed by Adam or a mate of Hammer.

Nate was planning to leave the Bay and head back to the city. Irene heard this and asked him to stay as they need a good doctor, which is very true given the amount of injuries and disasters that occur. He was flattered by her request and agreed to hang around, didn’t take much to change his mind.

Some new character appeared and stripped off in front of John. She’s called Phoebe and seems to be a bit of a wild child and she knows Kyle, she jumped into his arms, much to Tamara’s annoyance. It’s been a week or two since so broke up with Casey so it’s about time she got a new Braxton boyfriend, with Brax in prison and Heath married it’s going to have to be Kyle.

What happened to John and Marilyn’s bus tour business? They haven’t talked about that in a while. She managed to persuade him to help out at the music festival, can’t wait to see what outfit she wears to it. Even Heath has volunteered to help as it will keep Bianca happy and when she’s happy he gets “special cuddles”.


Monday, April 8th, 2013

Courtney is an amazing rubbish baddie, cast in the Summer Bay mould that also begot Johnny and Hammer. Casey has a vendetta against him, and got stabbed in a big bad-boy bash-up. Casey just has no luck.

Tilda told Gina that she bullied Jett because she fancies him. Gina must have spent the morning in a ditch, on the batter, because she believed Tilda. Poor form, Gina.

Indi and Romeo’s gym was about to open, and they were juggling meetings like old pros. But when Sid called around for a look, the fuses blew and the power went out. Time to get a sparky in. John Palmer had a go, and almost set the place on fire. The power in Angelo’s was also affected; Liam couldn’t even open the till to nick some cash.

Brax spilled his guts to Natalie, and she knocked him back. Form an orderly queue, ladies.

Dodgy deals

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

What a mad episode. Brax took Heath’s place in Adam’s deal. Adam told Brax he’d end up dead. Heath sat at home until Bianca mentioned that maybe he should help Brax out. Heath is a dum dum.

Brax got the stuff from the least threatening baddie I’ve seen since the halcyon days of “Hammer”. It turns out the “stuff” was shipping times. Boring. Heath arrived just in time to accost a henchman who was getting ready to shoot Brax, and the Baddie escaped.

Now, if I were a River Boy, I’d be heading back to the beach at this stage. But Brax went to confront Adam instead. There was some very emotional I-thought-we-were-mates dialogue, before the Baddie returned, and ran over Adam, who died.

NOW I’d be heading home (after ringing the cops, and the ambos, of course). Brax, however, told Heath to look after the business, and Casey, and headed off into the sunset. Wait ’till Casey hears. It’ll probably put him right off his HSC.

In other Bay news, Harvey had sense and called the cops to tell them about Maddie (who has suspected meningitis) and Spencer. Roo went bananas. She is being very unreasonable.

Finally, Celia is still mad for the pokies, or the gee gees, or gambling in general. It won’t be long until Alf wises up to her.

Casey vs angry teacher

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Bianca is struggling to cope with the fact that her marriage is over. She says she can’t bring go through the pregnancy and motherhood on her own. If only there were a single bloke around who’d be interested in providing a shoulder for her to cry on. I was under the impression that Liam had left town when he walked off but no, there he was moping on the beach as was Bianca. They had a talk but both seem certain it’s over. Maybe Liam will go back on the dope or the sauce, or maybe he’ll take over as the new manager of Angelo’s courtesy of a fast contract from Brax. Heath was none too impressed.

Speaking of drugs, Hayley is a pretty crap drug addict if she can’t even score some. She tried to get Heath to get some for her in exchange for legal fees. Heath displayed intelligence for once in his life and refused. Maybe he is growing up and copping on?

Sasha is giving Xavier the cold shoulder since their break up. She’s not returning his calls and is avoiding him in the town. Xavier is on the right track with his suspicions over Sasha’s mental state, he just needs to convince somebody else of his theory.

Casey has made an enemy in the newly appeared teacher in the school, who is very angry about Casey succeeding with Henri where he failed. As a result, he’s a frustrated  man and is taking it out on Casey. Case might have to resort to setting Brax on him. This new teacher is hilarious, almost as laughable as the evil Hammer.


Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Only today did I realise what I should have called Monday’s blog post: please Hammer, don’t hurt ’em.  Alas, it’s too late for that now as the bauld Hammer is little more than the contents of a body-bag. There we must say goodbye to the bay’s most ridiculous villain of all time. I’ll miss Hammer if only for his ludicrous threats and posturing.

Charlie is all a fluster now that she’s been suspended.  I’d say we got about 30% more “Charlie face” than usual.  She’s suspended and needs to go up the coast to get her head sorted. Not only that but she’s copped onto the fact that Brax played her yet again. Why doesn’t she just give up on him? She should go for somebody with a similar IQ to herself?  I think Felix is single.

Casey is trying to put his life back on track by finishing school and getting back with Ruby.  Only problem is that his recent gang activities like burning down Jake’s base, may catch up with him.  Brax reckon’s it’s all sorted, but I’m not so sure.  Brax should try to pin it on Charlie, she’d probably believe him if he tried to persuaded her.

I’ve decided it’s about time that Constable Watson got a nickname.  Following on from the fine tradition of the first sidekick cop, Constable  Lara”Fitzy” Fitzgerald, I can now announce that Charlie’s sidekick will be known as Constable Georgina “Watsy” Watson.  Bonza.


Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Hammer kidnapped Charlie and used her as bait for Brax. He intended to kill them both. He managed to make this very dangerous situation EXTREMELY TEDIOUS. Anyway Charlie shot him, just in the nick of time. I reckon Charlie and Brax should form a crime-fighting duo.

Gypsy’s oul lad stood her up, and Harvey is persuing Roo fervently, bringing her flowers every day until she goes on a date with him. Romantic, no? No.


Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Mr. Braxton McBraxerton didn’t get to kill Hammer’s drive-by bud at Tegan’s funeral, because his ma snitched to the pigs in an effort to keep her son on the straight and narrow. The shooter was some nondescript fool under Hammer’s control. Poor fella. Charlie and Constable Watson fairly put manners on him.

Brax then decided to just shoot Hammer, so said goodbye to Ma Braxton and went back to his house for the gun. Charlie and Constable Watson came to the door and hauled him down to the cop shop. Foiled again! Someone burned down Jake’s gang headquarters. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a sign saying “Gang HQ” over the door. Brax denied all knowledge. Who did it then?

Cut to Casey going mental in the kitchen, covered in soot. Tut, tut Case. We all thought you didn’t “have it in you”.

Also, Irene is home from hospital, Gypsy and April rowed over cleaning, Gypsy has a new fella, Lily hates him.  Ta-dah!


Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Oh holy night, Hammer is the worst baddie ever depicted on screen. His delivery is quite bizarre. It’s obviously supposed to be threatening, but it is coma-inducing. Anyway, Brax will hopefully finish him, with his illegally obtained firearm.

Brax told Heath he’s going legit once Hammer’s out of the picture. What a strange way of cleaning up your act. He’s clearly never heard of revenge killings.

Irene had her mastectomy, but still needs chemo. Bianca stayed by her side for all of two minutes, till Liam showed up. They’re finished and Bianca is after Heath now. She has a short memory as well as being easily distracted.

Gypsy invasion

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Gypsy is a girl who knows entrance. Liam seemed quite impressed with her red heels and her long legs. I predict a budding romance. It’s good to have her back in the bay, things were always interesting when she was about.

Charlie seems to be trying out for a job in the UN with all of her peacekeeping activities.  She should head to the holy land and sort that situation for them.

Hammer is the most ridiculous criminal in the bay. He is laughable. I don’t know how anybody can take him seriously.  But for all that, he did manage to organise a drive by shooting.  That must be a summer bay first. If he did manage to injure Charlie, Brax is going to want revenge which won’t end well for Hammer.

All out war

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Hammer will be annoyed that he missed all of the fun and games in the surf club. He was stuck on a back road getting his car searched by Constable Watson while it was all going down. Heath, Brax and all the rest of the boys took on some very old looking members of Jake’s crew. They should have had mercy on them, they must be some losers if they’re still hanging around the surf club, playing at gang stuff at their age.

Sasha turned up at the hospital after Sid cancelled on her. She has something of Indi about her with her constant pouting and sarcastic jibes. Sid took her in giving us another troublesome teen to throw into the mix, just what the Bay needs. They’ll need to add some more young characters for her to hang around with, is she too old for VJ to have a crush on?

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