I miss Flynn, sez Sally

Monday, October 21st, 2013
Flynn Saunders, double trouble

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Which one, sez I? Do you think she has a composite in her head when she thinks of her erstwhile husband?

Winston came good with the money, the Blaxland has been sold, and Sally and Pip are heading for America, where the streets are paved with miracle cures. Alf warned young Fletcher against getting her hopes up too high.

Sasha is utterly disgusted at the obvious attraction between Chris and Indi. He is clearly a bleedin’ dope, but the horse and carriage was a nice touch.

Jett is acting the boyo with Marilyn and John, being a proper moody teen and slagging off their bus tour. He’s going to tell John that Marilyn lurves him any second now.

Sad Sal

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Now, we acknowledged that Sally was back, but not why. Wee Pippa is on the way out, life-wise, and Sally wanted her to see the Bay before she popped her clogs.

Sally has no luck. Her fella, Flynn, died just after they got married, and now her daughter is terminally ill.

By the way, “dying”, and “cancer” are two of the best words to say in an Aussie accent, try it there, g’wan. Not that Pippa has cancer. She has, em, something else, and Sally is distraught as she may have to sell the house to pay for Pip’s treatment in America.

Which got me to thinking. Why does Alf live in that house? What happened to the house he used to live in with Ails? Why can’t anyone in the Bay live alone? Why do they all have to live in commune-type scenarios?

And also – who’ll buy the house? I think it’ll be Alf myself. Or perhaps Roo and Harvey will magic up some money and take it over.

No sooner had Sid ‘n Sash left the Bay, than Dex and Indi decided to throw a massive party. It was awesome, we know because Indi proclaimed it so. She packed Casey off to his leaba as he’d had about four beers. He gave her a smooch before he snoozed. She was taken aback, but in the morning she’ll see him in a whole, new, romantic light.

Grandpa Alf

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Sally’s back, with little Pippa in tow; she thinks everything is “cool”. She also thinks Alf is her Grandpa. No, Pip, that’s Michael (is it?), and Flynn’s da, and probably Leah’s crazy angry dad as well.

Roo didn’t take kindly to Sally just showing up and acting like she owns the place, which she actually does. What a mad reaction. Anyway, they’re friends now.

Sally’s red dress was very nice indeed. Obviously the wardrobe department haven’t got their hands on her yet. She’ll be in a massive kaftan in no time.

Maddie is annoyed with Sasha for sleeping with Spencer, especially since Sasha experienced similar angst when Casey and Tamara got together (mucho teenage drama down Summer Bay way at the moment). Sasha’s reaction was to decide she’s leaving town with Flying Doctor Sid. I think she’ll come to her senses shortly.

Holly summoned Zac to the cliffs (Stewart’s Point?) and asked him why he wouldn’t sleep with her. She doesn’t seem to understand the teacher-student dynamic. She is threatening suicide if he doesn’t “go there”. I don’t really care because he is a big dum dum who didn’t even tell another adult that a student rang him in distress.

Do you get it?

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Oooh, Jake is scary, isn’t he? Loads of random shouting in the middle of sentences. Anyway now he has Ruby and Casey held hostage. Charlie will LOVE this.

Leah told Miles she’s on the bubble. He looked confused. I bet he was thinking “Am I allowed eat the diner food now?”. She is scared to have the baby, not sure why, is it because she had to give the last one to Sally and Flynn?

Dex told his ma to stay away. I’m dying for a look at her. Bet she’ll turn up anyway.

There’s a girl who works in Angelo’s who looks really like Sally, she’s always in the background.

Here comes the bride/horse/hospital orderly

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Yay a Summer Bay wedding is impending! I wonder what shenanigans will go down at Elijah and Leah’s nuptials? They won’t be able to beat Sally and Flynn’s hospital ceremony! Or Kim arriving at his on horseback.

What the eff?

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

I can’t believe Flynn is winning the poll to the right! What a drip he was!

Spiritual in Summer Bay

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

There have been a lot of religious references in Home and Away recently, between Annie and Geoff who are fairly hardcore, and Sally’s sojourn to Nirvana where she visited a picture of Flynn. Deadly. Not since the days of Saul have we seen so much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

What do you think, do you like the holy mentions, or could you do without them?

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Second best near death experience in the history of H&A

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

A few questions arose from today’s episode:

  1. Why was Flynn doing an impression of the sacred heart with his holy light? I think that he was conspicuous by his absence. Maybe he’s not in heaven at all but was sent downstairs.
  2. How is it that Tom has continued to age even though he died around 15 years ago? He told Sally to tell Pippa that he’d be waiting for her. I wonder what Michael thinks of that. It’s all going to kick off when she arrives with a meatloaf in one hand and a basket of laundry in the other.
  3. Was Annie auditioning for Grease when she was playing pool in the surf club? Is she due to experience a crook and rebellious period like those of Jade, Matilda and Lucas?

bring back miles
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all the dead

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