Since you’ve been gone

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

So, Alf is back. Since he left, Romeo and Indi have broken up, Jet and Lottie arrived, Colleen left, and Heath wore many vests. He’s already re-established himself as local treasure by giving Romeo business advice and turfing Hayley out of the diner.

Of course, Romeo didn’t take the advice. Instead, he lodged some of Ruby’s money (for buying surf stock) into Indi’s bank account. She’ll have spent that on slankets in no time. Unless of course, she’s with Ulster Bank – then who knows when she’ll get the cash.

Marilyn was jumped by someone, I reckon it was Jet robbing her bag, but Flathead says the person looked taller. Only time will tell.

Leah wore a bow in her hair. Strange move, but it was nice all the same.

Jet is some kind of school genius. He doesn’t even need to pay attention to take it all in. Gina and Xavier are keeping a good eye on him.

Hayley tried to off herself by wandering slowly into the surf. Liam galloped after her. Why does he bother? What did his post-it say, by the way?

It’s a date!

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Hmm, not sure what to make of Alf and Marilyn going on a date.  Although, they would be a humorous couple.  Marilyn could get into scrapes and Alf could grumble about “that flamin’ woman”.

Marilyn does like an older man, too.  But it might be a bit weird seeing as Flathead and Alf are best buds.

What about Elijah’s ma?  She’s a proper wagon, and the da is totally henpecked.  Poor Leah.  Sure she’s skin and bone as it is.  Dunno how she managed to give birth to VJ at all.

Edit: I forgot to mention the Hugo storyline, maybe because it’s COMPLETELY BORING.  Anyway there’s a new cop in town, he killed the kidnapper with the weird accent, and now he’s after Hugo. Snoooooooooze.

The parable of Collette and Sharilyn

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Poor Elijah got an earful from Colleen when he visited the Diner.  She decided to ask his advice about her Marilyn doubts but used aliases to protect the innocent and guilty.  Colleen told him of her friend “Collette” who knew a floozy called “Sharilyn”.  Collette was the only one who wasn’t taken in by Sharilyn.  Collette recognised that she didn’t care whose life she ruined and whose heart she broke.    Elijah suggested Collette ask herself “what would Jesus do?”  Colleen recognised that Jusus was kind to Mary Magdalene but she “had given up her life of debauchery, I doubt that’s the case with Sharilyn”.

Classic Colleen.

Plus, Marilyn was visited by Rabbit in a dream.  Rabbit introduced her to Dead Byron, who didn’t look like Flathead at all.  Rabbit also led Marilyn to Miles, who was mid-graffiti.  How will Marilyn break the news that he’s a nutter?

Who is Marilyn Chambers?

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Marilyn has returned to the bay after 10 years away in Blighty. But who is she and what makes her so popular in the Bay? Here is the lowdown for those fans who don’t remember her from the first time around.

  • She ran a beauty parlour out the back of the old diner and gave facials to Madge Wilkins et al.
  • Marilyn used to be Morag’s housekeeper. It provided some great comedy as they were the ultimate odd couple. It’ll be interesting to see how they get on the next time Morag turns up in the Bay.
  • Marilyn went out with Lance Smart, Colleen’s son. Colleen seems to bear a grudge about their break up.
  • Lance, Marilyn and Martin Dibble were in a band together that went national for a brief time. I can’t remember what they were called. Lance got jealous as the press insinuated that Marilyn was going out with Martin, not Lance. This caused the band to split up.
  • Donald “Flathead” Fisher married Marilyn in an unlikely liaison. They had a baby called Byron but he sadly passed away. His poor parents were distraught and Marilyn got depressed and fled to London. Irene and Flathead went to look for her. Their method of searching involved touring the city on an open top bus. Preposterous as this may sound, they managed to find her.

It’s good to have her back and I’m sure she’ll provide us with much hilarity. She seems to have ditched her habit of wearing tiny backpacks as handbags.

Gina and John

Monday, January 18th, 2010

As Flathead pointed out while watching today’s episode, “Xavier’s got a point”.  John Palmer is only sound when Gina is around.  Is she in for more heartbreak?

And where are the tiresome twins, Hugo and Martha?  No sign of them today.  Are they on half-weeks or something?

Fisher fills a Gap

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Here I was, all this time thinking Flathead had gone off to the Whitsundays to keep his klepto wife away from Summer Bay’s thriving retail sector.  When in reality, he was founding a whole new range of shops for her to rob.

Here’s more information for yis.

bring back miles
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