Harley, is it?

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

I have a question: why does Heath have the baby if the ma isn’t dead yet?

Harley started roaring when he met Cheryl, an appropriate response, some might say.

Matt was trying to be all things to his little sister while their da is in jail. Sasha has some form in this area, so she convinced Matt to hand the young one over to DOCS. In fairness to Matt, at least he didn’t make Ellie live in a toilet.

Leah is still in hospital but her liver is on the mend, so no donor for her. Jett is delira and Veej is nowhere to be seen.

P.S. DANNY WAS A DOG! Good woman Cheryl.

Bad boy makeover

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Dex found two college mates who gave him girlfriend advice when they saw April’s name on his copy. They said he didn’t have a chance of getting her back due to his nice guy image. He needed their help in the form of a bad boy makeover. They all went to the bar for shots and lessons in being elusive. Can’t see it ending well. If this works, April is a simpleton. Maybe he’ll take it to heart and join the river boys.

Poor Felix is a desperate actor. Fair play to Sasha, she didn’t desert her brother or forget about him, unlike Xavier and Brendan. Her plan to live with Felix in the city didn’t work out and she came back to the farm.

Henri is going to take a job at the school, but has a lot to consider, not least her affair with Casey. I can see the doo-doo hitting the fan before long. Casey has very bad timing with his text messages. They’ll have to take a break until after his exams. Casey will go off the rails before long I’d say. Maybe he’ll threaten to leave school again.

Timotei ad redux

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Haha Dex loves April and sees her as some kind of hair-tossing goddess. He was eyeing her up at Sasha’s 16th birthday party. Aww cute.

Sasha thought, now that she’s 16, she could take off to the Citee, and become a hairdresser, with Felix in tow. Sid put her straight. So she snuck out after dark.

Romeo and Indi are boring and possibly breaking up.

Brax’s intimidation of Steve got Ruby off the drug charge. So Morag’s off. I would like a Morag and Brax spin-off crimefighting show – “she’s above the law, he’s below it, together they are…”.

Surfie 4 life

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Romeo finally stood up to Indi and said he’s gonna be a surfie 4 life. She looked disgusted. He didn’t tell her Ruby is going to the next comp. Apparently she’s happiest on a board. First I heard of it.

Speaking of Mrs. Smyth, when does she go to college? She’s always in the bleedin’ diner.

Roo blew off dinner with Harvey at the last minute as Sasha the Basha needed her. Harvey found some young Sheila to show off and make Roo jealous.

Sasha’s off to stay with Morag for a while, the lucky yoke. She even remembered she had a brother and asked if he could come too. They’ll probably make him live in the toilet though.

Poor Stu’s ma all the same. Not only is her husband a thick, her son is dead. Sick for her.


Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Only today did I realise what I should have called Monday’s blog post: please Hammer, don’t hurt ’em.  Alas, it’s too late for that now as the bauld Hammer is little more than the contents of a body-bag. There we must say goodbye to the bay’s most ridiculous villain of all time. I’ll miss Hammer if only for his ludicrous threats and posturing.

Charlie is all a fluster now that she’s been suspended.  I’d say we got about 30% more “Charlie face” than usual.  She’s suspended and needs to go up the coast to get her head sorted. Not only that but she’s copped onto the fact that Brax played her yet again. Why doesn’t she just give up on him? She should go for somebody with a similar IQ to herself?  I think Felix is single.

Casey is trying to put his life back on track by finishing school and getting back with Ruby.  Only problem is that his recent gang activities like burning down Jake’s base, may catch up with him.  Brax reckon’s it’s all sorted, but I’m not so sure.  Brax should try to pin it on Charlie, she’d probably believe him if he tried to persuaded her.

I’ve decided it’s about time that Constable Watson got a nickname.  Following on from the fine tradition of the first sidekick cop, Constable  Lara”Fitzy” Fitzgerald, I can now announce that Charlie’s sidekick will be known as Constable Georgina “Watsy” Watson.  Bonza.

On a boat

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Could Romeo’s business be back on track? Harvey is trying to make amends for his earlier mistakes and pay Romeo back for saving his life. Alf can see that it makes sense as a business idea, but Romeo seems more circumspect. I reckon Harvey’s near death experience has made him turn over a new leaf. If Roo agrees to a date then we’ll know for sure that he’s on the straight and narrow as she always seems to have good judgment.

Sid gave Sasha the mother of all bollockings. She was, as he said irresponsible, but it seemed she felt bad enough about it already so maybe Sid could have timed things better. Dex and Indi were really helpful and friendly when little Felix was brought home from the hospital. It’s about time Sasha got the chip off her shoulder and started to appreciate the effort all of the Walkers are making for her and Felix. Sasha lost it with Sid when he couldn’t convince Felix’s dad to part with his son after a five-minute chat which was a bit unfair on poor Sid.

The diner is all changed now. Roo & Marilyn are running it while Leah and Irene are off work. Roo put her neck on the line for Sasha in the diner. I hope that she doesn’t live to regret it. Roo has a habit of adopting a younger protege, see Nicole and Indi in the past. Is there anything that Roo can’t do?


Living in a toilet

Friday, November 4th, 2011

I think Felix is the first home and away character to live in a toilet; even Milco didn’t stoop that low. Luckily Veej (the stone-throwing brat) found him and brought him home. What kind of a thick is Sasha to leave her brother living there? She also cleared out the till in the Diner. Hurray, we have a new problem teen!

Xavier called a meeting in an effort to help Gina save the school. He’s fair dinkum, eh?


Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

For a town that has a disaster at least bi-monthly, Summer Bay is not wise to what to do in an emergency. Harvey and Roo headed out on the boat, Xavier left recent heart-attack and bashing victim JP at home alone, and Dexter and April went out into the storm looking for Sasha.

Luckily Alf turned up at the Surf Club and turned on the emergency channel. Rescue action number one. Felix and Sasha just waltzed into Gina’s and discovered comatose John. They rang Sid and he sent help to 31 Saxon Avenue. Rescue action number two. All the while there were cool montages of fake-looking rain, and Alf said typical Alf stuff like, “flamin’ idiots”.

Xavier found Sasha robbing food from his gaff and John inexplicably gone. More shots of driving rain. Alf and Romeo saved Roo and co., except for Harvey, who is looking pretty dead. Perhaps Romeo will get that mooring after all…

Xavier went straight to the hospital, as it’s his second home these days. He told Sid about Sasha the robber.


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