Brax goes soft

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

I felt sorry for Hayley. First Brax brings her up to the cliff top to threaten her life. He let her off and she scarpered, running as fast as she could. She had her fill of Braxtons and tried to leave but Heath wasn’t having any of it. He blackmailed her into staying and continuing to represent him. That’s not going to be easy.

Leah continues on her Brax buzz. She met him for a showdown and laid her true feelings on the line. Brax said he couldn’t feel the same as he’s not over Charlie and never will be so they’re going to be friends. I hope Leah moves on now.

Casey continues to obsess over Henri. He stalked her to find out her address and is planning to go find her. He is willing to give up school to be with her. April told him that’s stupid but he won’t listen. Then Brax tried to set him straight to no avail, he’s still going to see her. Can’t see that ending well.

Liam changed his mind over forcing Bianca to get a DNA test. A talk with April set him straight. I hope that Liam and Bianca leave the bay and Heath follows them out, sick of all of them really. This storyline is slow and repetitive. What happened to the plotting of the good old days? Time for a new psycho nurse like Zoe McAllister, a crook kid like Duncan Stewart or a natural disaster like the flood that killed Michael. The excitement…

You’re going to feel the leather of my belt

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

AKA wasn’t Duncan an awful brat?

Tasha Andrews

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Do you remember when Tasha used to be a mermaid? She was like Daryl Hanah in Splash . Young Max found her on the beech in the nip and she hopped into the water and swam off after transforming herself into a half-woman half-cod hybrid. Max wished that Alf still had his bait shop so that he could try to entice Tash with a tasty worm or a fly but alas the shop was closed.

Fortunately for Max(imilian), Tasha sprained her ankle and he was able to catch her on the rocks before she could shape shift. Just as max was about to batter her and apply the tartar sauce, Flynn turned up and brought her to the hospital. Max was pissed off as it meant that he went hungry. They asked her questions in many languages and she started to speak in a nonsense language called pig latin. Irene got through to her somehow and she went to live with her, like all strays do in Summer Bay.

Despite her sometimes crap hair and often terrible acting, Tasha got loads of dramatic storylines . She had a habit of going for naked runs in the bush at nighttime which reminds me of the "nudie Father Jack" scene in Father Ted. She also tried to smother Kane, if only she’d succeeded, and had a handgun which her parents left her. This was later used by "crook kid" Duncan Stewart , to blackmail Tasha, Kim Hyde and Robbie for money.

It was then revealed that Tasha was Angie Russell’s daughter. They reckoned that the resemblance is uncanny. I don’t see it myself.

Tasha started to go out with Summer Bay’s very own inventor, actor and renaissance man, Robbie Hunter . This all went well until Tasha got involved with Mama Rose and the believers. They like a cult down Summer Bay way and this was one of the best storylines in recent years. Tasha moved in with the cult despite the fact that Robbie, Martha, Irene and everyone else in the bay told her not to. It went pear shaped when Tasha became pregnant after Mama Rose drugged her and she was "attacked". Tasha and Robbie eventually left the bay to go and live in America with Josie, Tasha’s aunt. Robbie is now using his inventing skills to head up a NASA team planning a trip to Mars. Tasha has set up her very own cult stateside and now only answers to the name "Flower mamma".

bring back miles
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all the dead

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