Eff you, doc

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Doctors are the most abused characters in Summer Bay. Any time someone’s in hospital, their relatives show up and slag off their medic’s professional skills until such time as the injured party miraculously recovers. Alf had a go at Dr. Accent today for being late for work. He was on call, but his phone was mysteriously on silent mode, something the good doc swore he never does. He’s blaming the ex-wife and no wonder, with her erstwhile unreliable druggy ways.

Roo is still unconscious, the victim of an as-yet-unnamed virus. Maddie is taking it hard, so Josh left her in the hospital to go off house riding with Evie. Unusually, this physical exertion didn’t end up with a topless youth in a hospital bed, but rather with an illicit smooch. What will Maddie say? Probably not too much, as she is leaning on Spencer for support and he is currently girlfriend-free. Handy.

Not a broken limb in sight

Not a broken limb in sight

And the girlfriend worried sick in hospital...

And the girlfriend worried sick in hospital…

Ricky wants a baby, and Brax doesn’t. He’s afraid the child will turn out to be a DOG like Danny, and Darryl himself apparently. Like all Brax decisions, this one is rooted in martyrdom.

Doing it tough

Doing it tough

Oi, you goose

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Heath must have been reading Enid Blyton lately, if his choice of insult is anything to go by.

The Braxtons still have not figured out who set Casey up. Ricky confessed to Kyle that there’s a greater power at play, but didn’t tell him who it is. Kyle will tell Brax, but only at the very very last minute.

Rosie went to Principal Scott to say she wanted to leave school. OK, said Principal Scott. Sasha was aghast at this advice and rightly gave Bianca what-for. Bianca had another chat to Rosie and convinced her to stay in school. This would never have happened in Gina’s day.

John told Jett to stay well away from Casey, since he got caught up in the armed robbery investigation. Marilyn then backed up John’s advice with a friendly chat. Eh, hello Marilyn? A few months ago you were best buds with Danny THE DOG Braxton.

John and Jett got flowers for Marilyn, as a thank-you for her support. This convinced her that John is romantically interested, as Alf had previously told her. She is going to distance herself from the Palmer-Jameses.

Maddie is being the most annoying human in the universe by moaning that Spencer doesn’t like her anymore. I don’t like you anymore either, Maddie.

Paging Todd Smith

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Detective Indi and her mate Chris are hunting down her husband. They called every hospital in the state looking for his medical records but no joy on that front. Chris reckons he knows of other ways to track him down. Maybe he has a phone number for Dog the bounty hunter or Reno Raines:

Rosie had a medical chat with Sid to go over her options. He laid them out to her and she is going to keep her baby. She never had much love from her own Ma so now she’s going to smother her own baby with love. Spencer and Sasha will be there to help but it’s going to be tough for the kid.

Maddie is losing the plot because she thinks Spencer is getting it on with Rosie. He can’t be bothered with her nonsense at the moment as he’s busy helping somebody with real problems. Why would he bother with her anymore given that she’s already dumped him twice?

Brothers in the Bush

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

For some mad reason, Casey and Kyle went out to the Bush to sort out their differences. They agreed they are better off without Danny THE DOG, and Kyle swore off Tamara. They returned to the Bay after a night hitching, because Casey locked the keys in Indi’s gym car.

Indi fired Casey; she’s sick of being abandoned. Casey ignored the firing and showed up for work as usual. Luckily Indi didn’t argue, as she is going mad with grief.

Brax, now that all the Braxtons are sorted, told Ricky he likes her. Cue disaster, and possible appearance of Ghost-Charlie at long last.



Hot head Heath

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Heath Braxton is a ticket. He is all sweetness and light with Bianca, and a ball of rage with the Braxton brothers. Poor Dr. Sid can’t say a word without him questioning and doubting it. He has no respect at all for authority – sure what would a doctor know about medical issues? Heath topped off his recent run of rage by giving Casey a bawks (as they say in Dundalk – ‘mon the town) for killing Danny the Dog.

Speaking of the word “dog”, Heath’s delivery is very halfhearted compared to Brax’s. No passion in it.

Casey could do with some bashing lessons; everyone is using him as a punching bag these days. He did have a go at Heath, in an effort to get arrested, but it was more a tumble than a blue.

Marilyn is a bit upset that Danny’s dead. He was always nice to her, the dog.

Roo’s ex is still hanging around. He’s starting up a business in the city, and wants Roo’s advice. I’d say he’s also hoping for a bit of Business Time. Harvey’s reaction is to not act like a real person – does anyone act so jealous when they meet a partner’s ex in real-life?

Everyone’s forgotten about Dexter. I’m going to have to go to Summer Bay Hospital MYSELF to get an update.

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