A sad day in Summer Bay

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012


I’m deeply saddened at the news that Colleen and her amazing gold quilted jacket are off to America. Of course, Lancey and Debbie magically want her now that she’s loaded. Although it sounds like Lance still has a grĂ¡ for Marilyn!

In true Summer Bay fashion, she’s leaving in two days. Quite the hasty departure.

Lottie wants to move in with her da. Dunno why. Her mother must be quite the wagon. Harvey put her off until after his case. He stupidly refused help from legal goddess Morag. Have a nice time in jail, Harve.

Hayley is still off the gear. She’s hooked on Rockstar now. Liam seemed happy enough to go along with her advances.

Blood and bone

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

That Jet(t) is a bad egg and no mistake. He read about Colleen’s jugs (ooh-er) in the paper, called around to her van, and smashed them all. They were her holiday fund to visit Lancey and Debbie (the wagon) in Las Vegas!

Then, Jett called around to Heath, looking to score some drugs. Please, won’t some law-abiding citizen adopt this child and put manners on him? Preferably Alf.

If I am ever with child, I’m getting the first plane to Summer Bay. The length of human gestation is halved, if Bianca’s pregnancy is anything to go by. That’s a bump and a half she has. She’s warming to Heath and his excitement about the baby. Sorry, river baby.

Romeo and Ruby are in each other’s arms again, as he came to the conclusion that his marriage is truly over. I’m not so sure about that, though. R&R are also thinking about starting up a business. I think they’d be best suited to hair taming (Ruby’s is looking well these days) or torso toning.

A much knee-ded operation

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Janey macaroni, Romeo nearly lost his leg there. Imagine, he would have been shipped off to the Whitsundays in no time, like Seb before him. Ruby did a great job of smothering him with love; unfortunately it was his wife’s name he murmured in a drug-induced sleep.

There could be a reconciliation of the Walker-Smiths I reckon, Indi was pretty concerned when she heard the hubbie was hospitalised.

Bianca and Heath are getting on again, she even loaned him the baby ultrasound DVD. Darce thought it was Aliens when he put it on first.

Colleen’s Lancey is moving to Las Vegas with Debbie the Wagon. Colleen was expecting to move in with them once she retired. The Summer Bay ladies bought her a plane ticket to visit Lancey before the off. I hereby dub them The Sisterhood of the Travelling Lance.


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