Eff you, doc

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Doctors are the most abused characters in Summer Bay. Any time someone’s in hospital, their relatives show up and slag off their medic’s professional skills until such time as the injured party miraculously recovers. Alf had a go at Dr. Accent today for being late for work. He was on call, but his phone was mysteriously on silent mode, something the good doc swore he never does. He’s blaming the ex-wife and no wonder, with her erstwhile unreliable druggy ways.

Roo is still unconscious, the victim of an as-yet-unnamed virus. Maddie is taking it hard, so Josh left her in the hospital to go off house riding with Evie. Unusually, this physical exertion didn’t end up with a topless youth in a hospital bed, but rather with an illicit smooch. What will Maddie say? Probably not too much, as she is leaning on Spencer for support and he is currently girlfriend-free. Handy.

Not a broken limb in sight

Not a broken limb in sight

And the girlfriend worried sick in hospital...

And the girlfriend worried sick in hospital…

Ricky wants a baby, and Brax doesn’t. He’s afraid the child will turn out to be a DOG like Danny, and Darryl himself apparently. Like all Brax decisions, this one is rooted in martyrdom.

Doing it tough

Doing it tough

Tamara taken…

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

…and I wish they’d friggin’ keep her. Adam’s grand plan is coming to an end, still don’t know what the climax will be though. He keeps just saying BRAX WILL DIE. Yeah right, Ads, we all know Blood and Sand will prevail.

I don’t know what Ricky’s at either. She told Brax the boogeyman is making her do all the bad stuff. Another yeah right for you Ricky – why would you be afraid if you don’t know who’s threatening you? Ah Darryl, Darryl Braxton, open your eyes.

Ricky is joining the hostage hootenanny over at Ads’s house. He’s not letting any of those Sheilas go until Brax shows up to claim them. OI.

April got her dream placement, which sadly, is as Sid’s sidekick. Expect loads of doctor breaks in the ditch with bottles of whiskey, Ms. Scott. Dex is uneasy about the scenario as their relationship has been forged anew. I hope he can refrain from romancing while on duty.



I’ll call the DOCS Sheila

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Everyone is rallying around John and Jett. Roo and Marilyn are organising the funeral, Brax is hosting the wake, Alf’s calling the DOCS Sheila, and Officer Xavier Austin rolled into town. Bandicoot won’t be at the funeral as he’s too upset.

Indi was pretty upset when she heard the news and then had to face Xavier. Casey consoled her. It looks like they will end up together, which is RIDICULOUS. I bet that as soon as they become a couple, Romeo will show up. At least it’ll leave the way clear for Tamara and Kyle to leave the Bay and never return, thank you.

Ricky is being very very very suss. She is demanding Brax’s attention, and then scarpering when she gets mysterious texts. Darryl is wise to it and won’t put up with it for too long. BLOOD AND SAND.

Bay’s Anatomy

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

For a second there, I thought I was watching the wrong show. Between April and dishy doctor-teacher Jake (Twomey?), and Dex and his prankster nurse, it was like being back in Seattle Grace. Are there a few intra-medical romances coming our way? I do hope so.

Casey and Tamara moved in together, in a gaff that Brax had but never used. You could’ve put one of your many house guests in there, Darryl. There was a bit of nudiness, then Casey broke out the moodboards, and decorated the place. He has a real knack. The first interior designer River Boy.

Romeo has my heart broke already. He is croaky, he is bewildered, and he still hasn’t told Indi. Bit mean of him to keep asking his buds to keep his secret, and isn’t he wasting time, the very commodity he’s so concerned about?

Liam Murphy is actually leaving now. He’s giving it another go with Ash. Is that the son or the ex-wife? Either way, tomorrow is probably his last episode, if he obeys the rules of the Summer Bay Time Warp.

Blink and you’ll miss it

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Well, in the grand old tradition of leaving Summer Bay and never looking back, Lottie is off into the wide blue yonder, aka The City. She made the decision in a heartbeat, and was gone just as quick. Sasha wasn’t even informed. Pity, because Lottie was a good character – I don’t think they’ve ever had a lady Dex before.

Speaking of Dex, he and April made their own hurried decision: to move in together. They had no place to take it to the next level in private, so it’s off to the caravan park with them. Or they could have Martha’s old flat. Or the palace. Or Nicole’s house.

Brax “he’s a dog” Braxton finally fell prey to the lady counsellor’s charms. I cannot remember her name, nor believe that he put up with her constant questions. Sergeant Buckton must be spinning in her grave (but not changing her facial expression).

In real-life H&A news, Steve Peacocke aka Darryl Brax Braxton will be appearing at a nightclub in Maynooth in December. It’s true. Expect: leaning on things, saying “oi”, and calling people dogs.

Ruby rules Romeo

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Despite kissing Casey on the beach yesterday, Ruby has everything she wants. Romeo got the sales job, took off his wedding ring, and even seemed happy with his lot. What could possibly ruin this scenario? I’d say Sasha could let the cat out of the bag, she saw the Ruby-Casey smooch.

Liam wanted to move back in with Leah, who rightly said no. At least he has his job to fall back on. Oh, wait, Brax fired him. Will he leave the Bay?

Darryl got Mammy Brax to move out of her house, for fear Daddy Brax would harm her. Apparently Brax and the Ma spent Danny’s ill-gotten gains while he was in prison. He won’t like that.

Casey asked his school counsellor home for lunch. He is a lick.

He was a dog

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Da Braxton’s on the scene. In an amazing coincidence, while Casey was talking to the school counsellor, Heath was visiting  their father in jail, despite not having seen him in 12 years. Never mind Kirstie and Jade, the Braxton boys must have some kind of psychic connection.

da braxton

Da Braxton is a gruff Sean-Connery look-a-like. Heath has High Hayley checking out his father’s legal records, in the hope that a release might be on the cards. Brax and Casey were delighted when Da went to jail, but Heath is more stupid and so sees him in a more favourable light.

Isn’t it a bit mad that all the Braxtons call Darryl, Brax?

What do you foresee for Da Braxton? I think he’ll have a dalliance with Marilyn, and a showdown with Alf (who is on his way to the Bay, yahoo!). Whatever happens, I’d say he and his amazing moustache are in for some good storylines.

In other news, Hayley is running around looking for Liam, and Leah’s not impressed. She asked Brax to help sort it out.

Ruby is going full steam ahead with the surf shop plans, despite warnings from Romeo, Leah and Indi.


Friday, April 6th, 2012

There are a load of dickheads coming out of the woodwork at Summer Bay High, one of whom gave Sasha a fierce kick to the ankle. There’s also a strange nervy girl who seems scared of everything, who will probably dob the bullies in eventually.

Sasha received a load of emails with “Killer” in the subject line. Once she gets the all-clear from the YCPD, she should start threatening them all and playing up to that nickname.  Apparently everyone loved Stu and now they’re very angry that he’s gone.

Gina was on the verge of making up with John when she saw Darryl “Brax” Braxton giving him money. Dammit.

Indi and Romeo managed to repair their relationship though. I hope Romeo can control himself at the surf comp. Ruby is pretty alluring with her crazy hair and clothes.

Where the eff are the rest of the Boys? There used to be a load of them knocking about on the beach and in the surf club. Now it’s just the Braxtons.

Brax on Facebook

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

There are loads of Brax-related groups on Facebook, here’s a select few:

and of course, (this one was sent in by commenter Sally Fletcher)
Is Brax your favourite H&A male at the moment?

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