Spaddie’s second coming

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Spencer is struggling to cope being ditched, he’s moping around the caravan park messing with motor bikes. Maddie called over to see how he was but he gave her a serve, sending her back home in tears. Harvey had a chat with Spencer, to try and see if he could convince him to lighten up a bit and not be so down over their breakup; I’m still not sure why they broke up.

Maddie considered getting back together with Spencer to ease his anger but Roo advised against this. She ignored her advice and they’re back together now, a reinvigorated young couple: Spaddie.

John is doing it tough, Jett’s done a legger and he can’t find him. Marilyn had been helping John, she’s a good woman to have in a crisis, very positive. Alf was out as search party but no joy. It turns out the kid was hiding out in Gina’s old office after breaking into it. John stayed with him while he slept on the floor, comfy. John slept beside him and neither of them looked the best for it in the morning.

Heath is on the warpath now as he thinks Brax paid Connie off to keep him away from Darcy. There’s going to be hell to pay in the Braxton abode.


Monday, June 10th, 2013

Lachlan is the name of Mullens‘ mate. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that name outside of an Aussie soap. He was hanging around Rosie to make sure she was alright. He admitted he has texts from Mullens bragging about the rapes, and is willing to go to the cops. Meanwhile, Rosie was showing off her mega-bashing skills in ninja class.

John told Jett the adoption is back to square one. Jett had a fit, but will probably come around tomorrow as he is dead sound.

Darcy rang Heath saying that she and the granny had a blue. I think she’ll be moving in with Acting Principal Scott in no time.

Darcy nipple Rocco

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Is Chris the Iago of the Bay? He’s managed to set Maddy and Spencer against each other, convincing each that the other person is mad with them. The gullible pair fell for his lies unsurprisingly. Roo said enough is enough and it was time to interfere; they set them up on a picnic so they could sort things out. They chatted and realised that Chris set them up, the fools. All sorted now anyway, well done Roo and Harvey. They told Chris to shove it until he sobbed about having too much expectations from the oldies, so Spencer told him to stick around, which he’s going to do. Can’t say I’m too happy about that, he’s a pretty annoying character.

Sasha is being a good mate to Rosie but it’s a tough burden for her young shoulders. She needs to see a counsellor but is unwilling to do so. April suggested that she talk to Bianca given that she was “attacked” before. Rosie’s solution was to get pizza and have a girls night, which isn’t quite the same thing but a start I suppose.

Heath is coming up with a new plan to get custody of Darcy. He needs to get a DNA test to show that he is the father but they need Connie to agree to it, which will be tough going. Heath is now great mates with Zac after they punched and made up on Friday. He’s the brains of the operation as he managed to convince Heath not to put in false allegations against Connie. Heath got a new tattoo that says “Darcy nipple Rocco”, but he’s going to leave his daughter be with Connie for now, she can come to look for him when she’s ready.


Monday, May 13th, 2013

After bursting into Bianca’s class with this great idea, Heath got Darcy’s Granny around to show off how mature he has become. She couldn’t believe he’s going to counselling. When she was leaving, I thought to myself “River Granny’s a bit shook there”.

Next thing Heath knew, Granny Connie had whisked Darcy away, “inter-state”. Uh-oh.

Tamara stuck her nose into the Rosie storyline, and wanted to give Mullens a bollocking. Kyle stopped her, then approached Mullens himself, with a very, very, River Boy, “Oi”. Kyle is as strange as Casey when he’s trying to be threatening, except he’s all lower teeth instead of eyes.

Speaking of eyes, Casey’s are going to full-on burst out of his head when he finds out that Kyle kissed Tamara. And that, despite her initial panic, she liked being the jam in a River Boy sandwich.

Something’s gone awry with Jett’s adoption. Of course it has, that crowd were far too happy.

Sid had his collar way up, a la Ross O’Carroll-Kelly.

Not the Incredible Hulk

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Ricky and Brax were in the diner when when Natalie and Zac arrived in and it was all a bit awkward. Brax and Nat are definitely getting back together at some stage but he’s having fun with Ricky at the moment. They slept together again but she’s keeping it very casual for now.

Heath is making progress in his counselling and apologised to Connie which means he can see Darcy again. Bianca met Ricky and thought she and Brax were perfect for each other, don’t know how she made her mind up on that after a 30 second conversation. Bianca then decided to bake a cake as Darcy and Heath were coming over but it was a disaster. Is she ever going to move out of Irene’s house? Connie changed her mind about letting Heath see Darcy but he managed to keep his temper, he not the Hulk anymore.

Mullins is back at school and confronted Rosie and Sasha. Gina intervened and separated them but told Sasha to keep her distance from Mullins and not lose her temper. The cops showed up at school to talk to Rosie, Mullins is a free man as the cops didn’t believe Rosie’s story. He confronted the girls in the corridor again and Sasha bashed him in the mouth, so she’s suspended now.

Heath in therapy

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

The cops showed up after Heath kept Darcy out of school, so Bianca suggested he go to therapy, in order to show Connie he’s a new man and well capable of taking care of his daughter. In the words of Gob Bluth, this is priceless. Imagine Heath in therapy!

Therapist: Mr. Braxton, you are a very angry man.

Heath: I don’t give a stuff.

Therapist: Where do you think this anger is coming from?

Heath: Work it out for yourself, genius.

In other news, I can’t figure Dex and April out at all. They’re together, they’re not together, they’re friends, they’re not friends, it’s ok to study together, it’s not ok to study together ahhhhhh.

April invited some very cool dude to study with her. He thought it was a date. Cringe. Then Dex showed up. Double cringe. It transpired that they are buds from chess club. Triple cringe – for them hahahaahah.

It’s all ok again in the caravan park, after the Next Level Debacle. I reckon Alf will start stoning flamin’ crows if Roo doesn’t stop being so dramatic.

Kid kidnapped

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

I reckon Heath’s most used phrase is “What are you talking about?” Brax is helping him look for Darcy who’se been kidnapped from school. Who took her? If was only Adam, newly out of jail. The justice system in summer bay leaves a lot to be desired. He and Brax went to an indsutrial park waiting for Adam to turn up, Heath suggested smashing things up while they waited but his bro advised against it, the killjoy. They met Adam and he did his usual, a job offer involving dodgy dealings.

Maddie and Spencer are doing a good Romeo and Juliet impression, star crossed lovers whose families are coming between them. Won’t be long before the parents turn up I suppose. Harvey wants them to ring their parents but Roo wants to let them be. Roo’ll get her way, no doubt. Maddie still isn’t well and has a fever now so had to be taken to hospital. That might alert her parents.

Sid is very down in the dumps these days. He doesn’t feel needed by his familiy anymore. He can’t be far from the ditch with the way he’s carrying on. He wasn’t full of sympathy when Romeo got sacked, and flew off the handle at all the kids despite the fact they bought tea and biccies.

Romeo got sacked, so he’s back on the scratch. Maybe he’ll restart the surf school?

Alf the tax dodger

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

It’s all cash-in-hand down the bait shop; Spencer got a tax-free job there. Hope Alf doesn’t have the Aussie Revenue coming after him.

Roo and Harvey annoyed the truth out of Maddie and Spencer. They ran away because………their parents didn’t want them going out. Worst reason ever.

At least the Braxtons are providing a bit of drama. Someone’s nicked Darce. Someone called Adam, I’d say.

In old news, how come Jett got off scot-free, after locking Romeo in a shed?

Gavin from DOCS

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Ok, Gavin wasn’t from DOCS. I just wanted to say DOCS. Gavin is a Community Services Officer who now has to decide whether Darcy should live with Heath and Bianca or not. Did the other Braxton bros ruin their chances by roaring at each other?

Celia admitted to Alf that she loves an oul’ gamble. He was very forgiving.

Tamara admitted to Casey that she loves his intense stare-y ways. The young wans are mad for a bit of Casey, it must be the bad-boy, jail connection. Because he’s a fool.

Tamara’s ex, Nelson, is coming after her. Another potential contestant in a round of Who-Can-Beat-The-Braxtons?


Divorces and discoveries

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Heath and Bianca are united in their desire to build a life with Darcy. Bianca was reluctant initially but as it the usual way in the bay, changed her mind after five minutes. She thought that their chances would be better if she got a divorce from her husband Liam. He was vexed by this, for some reason, it’s a long time since they were together.

His day didn’t get any better when Kyle became the latest Brax bro to work in Angelo’s. Liam questioned his work ethic and wondered if he’d do proper shifts or Heath shifts. Despite Liam’s scepticism Kyle put in a trojan effort and booked in a party for dinner. He’s got Liam onside now, will he be able to do the same with Brax?

Celia revealed that the mysterious thief in the diner was none other than herself. Who knew? Not Alf anyway, he thought it was some fella that she was covering for. Alas that wasn’t the case, his sister has light fingers. He’d better watch out, she’ll be robbing the worms from the bait shop next.

Roo was distraught to discover the runaways ran away. Fear not Ruth, they’ll return as the age profile of the cast is getting a bit older than usual at the moment.

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