Romeo remarries

Monday, January 14th, 2013

What a lovely couple? Let’s hope Romeo and Indi make a better go of their marriage this time round. At least they won’t have to contend with Ruby making up babies and slutting in between them.

Leah has a new fella and he’s only a nipper. She’s worried about the age gap between them, but she still went for a date with him in Angelo’s. I reckon it’s him that should be worried, hooking up with a double widow may not be the smartest move, he could go the way of Dan or Vinnie. The date went well, she ended up leading him into her house by the hand and we all know what that means, “taking it to the next level”.

Sid is having love problems with Lisa. His ungrateful family gave him grief over having a girlfriend who was separated, so he broke it off with her. Can’t see the problem there myself. Anyway, he changed his mind yet again and tried to get back with her but she said she still has on-going issues with her ex so it’s not that straight forward. Poor Sid, he’ll probably end up in the ditch again.

How have I never seen this before?

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Look at Tim Campbell (aka Dan Baker)’s site – madness mania!

For more cast member websites, check out this list on Back to the Bay.

What is Hugo at?

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Martha is pining after BangBang/BumBum and Hugo is really pushing the “he needs to be with his own people” angle. What’s he at? Maybe HIS INDONESIAN WIFE who just showed up at his and Martha’s house can explain.

Gina is very annoyed with JPIII ever since he fired Romeo. That’ll cool his heels alright, but it’s nothing a surf and a drink won’t fix.

Geoff and Ruby have had their first tiff; he’s being over-protective and she is a big girl who can look after herself. Luckily Uncle Tony was on hand to dole out the only level-headed advice in all of Summer Bay to Geoff. Plus Rachel had a chat to Ruby. The Holden-Armstrongs should open a counselling centre. Dan who?

Mental Melody

Monday, October 20th, 2008

So it seems that Aden has company in the mental home. It’s only Melody, Geoff’s ex. Her mother must have drove her mad. Given what we saw of the woman it’s not that surprising. Melody always seemed a bit on edge but it seems her over zealous ma pushed her over the edge. Quelle dommage.

But who else over the years should have been locked up for their own good? Here’s a quick rundown of the looney list.

Alf is a fairly level headed bloke by and large. But when he had a brain tumor a few years ago, he started seeing and hearing things, mainly his dead wife Ailsa. Matters came to a head when the imaginary Ailsa pushed Morag down the stairs. Mad.

Dan followed Alf’s lead by going on the run in the bush where he was chasing his son Ryan. As it happened, he too was seeing things. Ryan was in fact a couple of thousand miles away in the US with his mother. Poor old Dan.

While Alf and Dan went through periods of temporary madness, Mama Rose was a full time mentalist. She started her own cult which duped gullible teens and organised the rape of Tasha. As evil and mad as they come. She gets pride of place in the penthouse of the bayside asylum.

The worst fugitive against the worst cop…

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

…whoever wins, we lose.

Jack was so confused when he ran up to the getaway car and Kane wasn’t in it! You could almost see the cogs turning behind his squinting eyes.

Kane isn’t one for outwitting anyone. Foiled during his very obvious burglary, he pulled a couple of burn-outs in the rented car before scarpering into the woods.

How long till Kirsty is working in the Den?
Does Irene think she’s everyone’s mother? First she claimed Dan “He was like a son to me” Baker as one of her own, now she’s got her eye on Kirsty – “Oh Gawd, she’s like a daughter to me”.

Grieving a la Summer Bay

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Well.  I’d say Tony would have forgotten all about Beth’s death-anniversary were it not for Matilda.  It must be hard for him to keep track though; since his wife’s deathly hand was seen dangling out of a car window, Tony’s hopped up on around three or four of Summer Bay’s finest.  I’d say he would have had a go of Martha had she not been kind-of-family.  Not to mention the fact that he is now engaged, a mere twelve months later.

Leah is busy coping with her own little tragedy.  However, is it my imagination or does she have more pep in her step since Dreary Dan departed?

Dan remembered

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

In todays episode the man that was Dan Baker was remembered. But while they were extolling his virtues and achievements, they were some notable absences from the list. 

  • Boring. Dan was an interminable bore with nothing exciting to say or do. Maybe that’s why himself and Leah were so well suited. When was the last time he had an interesting storyline?
  • Fathering evil children. When it comes to crook kids Ryan was right up there with Duncan, Dodge and Revhead. He appears to have reformed now but I reckon he’s only biding his time and lulling the bay into a false sense of security. 
  • Gambler extraordinaire. They should have had a deck of cards and some torn up betting slips there to represent his obsession. Wherever he is now, I’m sure this is what he’s doing.

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