Safe house

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Brax just cannot help himself. If there is a problem to be fixed, he can’t ignore it for long. He gave Andy money from Angelo’s, as a loan, to pay off the dealers. Andy disappeared and now there are angry dealers and an angry Kyle to put up with. The newest Braxton is not impressed that his managerial status was undermined.

We haven’t actually seen the dealers. It would be great if they were really posh, or old women, or something unexpected like that. Or if Morag was their ringleader, or Colleen. Awesome.

Ricky was winning in the mad fashion stakes today. Behold:

Gúna úafasach

Gúna úafasach

Marilyn finally confessed that she’s invited Shandi to the wedding. John didn’t mind too much, but now he’ll have to tell Jett he has a daughter. Eh, surely that came up in the adoption process, no?

Roo riddle

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Home and Away is like an episode of House at the moment; Roo picked up a virus somewhere on her travels, and it’s up to Alf and his merry bunch to find out why. According to Colleen, she left Vegas weeks ago. Our money is on a Martha-and-Hugo visit, maybe with some people smuggling thrown in, for good measure?

Darcy and Heath are on their best behaviour, ahead of his custody claim. But Sophie (dressed as a squaw) asked Heath for a meeting, to discuss school matters. What’s that about?

Ricky still wants a bub.

Spencer and Chris miraculously found Andy’s drugs, under his van. They should work for YCPD drugs squad.

Interesting choice of headwear, Teach

Interesting choice of headwear, Teach

I just want to get on with my punishment

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Oscar is the biggest martyr yet. He is feeling very guilty about nearly killing Tamara, and is only dying for someone to give him a bashing or similar as punishment. He got 100 hours of parks and rec. That won’t help his panic attacks. Neither will getting advice from Andy Barrett.

Andy was also doling out love advice to Casey. Young Braxton told Denny to keep her distance, then was all confused when she tried to cancel her gym membership, then went to meet her on the beach for a pash. Wait till Chris gets wind of this.

Marilyn is gearing up for the wedding of the century, and John couldn’t care less. Roo is coming home for help with the preparations, though. I think she should bring Colleen on a holiday from Vegas.

Back to Oscar – he’s another creative prodigy. How come all the kids at Summer Bay High are deadly at art?

Phoebe was going to call the cops on her dad, but the Braxton bros convinced her otherwise. She just phoned him up and gave out to him instead.

Max make-up

Max make-up

Ups and downs

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

After all that to-and-fro, Bianca and Heath are now engaged. In a mad/nice move, Celia gave Heath her engagement ring, from her marriage that never was. Les sounds like a nice sort.

So, there’s another Home and Away wedding in the works. It’s been 13 months since Bianca’s last big day, and 14 months since she was going to marry the Prince.

When Celia told Alf about her generosity, he told her her work was done, and to pack her bags. Strange logic, but it seemed to work. Celia is off into the wide blue yonder again. Shame, they could do with a older lady for comic relief. Yoo-hoo, only me!

Sasha is becoming fast friends with Maddie and Spence, and Rosie doesn’t like it one bit. The poor child is gone daft with loneliness. So she tried to fake-drown herself in the sea, in order to get Sasha’s attention. I found myself shouting “would ye just float” at the telly. I’d say they were only a few feet into the ocean.

Poor Sasha too, she always attracts the nutters. Maybe she’ll have to “accidentally” kill Rosie too.*

Real-life Sasha and Rosie are on Twitter, see our H&A twitter list here.



* Only messing, Sasha, old chum.

Bad boy boat trip

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Jamie is a brilliant pathetic baddie. He nicked Jett’s phone, quizzed Colleen about Leah, and texted Veej while pretending to be Jett. JP found the phone in Jamie’s car and confronted him. Jamie was like a deer in headlights; if it wasn’t for Heath’s experience in counter-threats, John would have dragged Jamie down the cop shop.

Adam got Liam to hire a boat for Jamie. What a weird request to make. But Jamie is supposed to kill Heath on the báid, so maybe Adam doesn’t want it traced back to him. It was the worst blackmail effort ever (Do as I say or I’ll get Bianca back on drugs), but it worked.

April’s going to med school. Does that mean she’s leaving soon?

Colleen continues to be brilliant. I thought that Sally would be back for Roo’s wedding, wonder when she’ll appear?

Wedding Day in Summer Bay

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Wow, who would’ve thought Roo and Harvey would actually get hitched, considering their blue yesterday? Probably everyone.

Roo looked lovely, and her dress was slightly less baggy than her usual attire.

But let’s get down to discussing the major event in that episode. Hooroo! Colleen returned, resplendent in a Stars and Stripes shawl. She hasn’t changed a bit. Here’s hoping she sticks around for a while. She also spoke a classic Colleen phrase, “your ship will come home to roost”.

Casey kissed Tamara on the beach, in full view of Sasha. Then he looked very confused. He’s so simple.


Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

So, Romeo and Indi were getting on like a house on fire, once he drunkenly told her there was never a baby. “Come on back to my house Romeo”, she declared. Dr. Sid was wary.

Ruby saw the ex-marrieds on beach being very friendly, and threw a mickey fit. She’s great at tantrums. She accused Indi of being the cause of all her troubles, and Indi said something along the lines of “I’m sorry I created your fake pregnancy”. You’d know she was college-educated, that Walker one. Brax broke up the blue and gave Ruby a very sensible talking-to.

Later, in the Walker house, Romeo tried to kiss Indi, and she surprisingly kicked him out.

Brax and Liam had a little power struggle, and then a love-in. “You’re my top bloke”, sez Brax. Liam is back working at Angelo’s.

There have been a few references to both Charlie and Colleen over the last few episodes. I think memories are improving down Summer Bay way.

It’s at times like this I wish Charlie was still around, with her one expression.

H is for…

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

…hooroo, a word most beloved of Colleen Smart. Come back Colleen!


How about you Have a go?

A Colleen Tumblr

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Of course, there’s a Colleen Tumblr! Some amazing pictures there. Sent in by the wonderful Strike Me Roan.

Do you know of any other H&A related sites please?

Since you’ve been gone

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

So, Alf is back. Since he left, Romeo and Indi have broken up, Jet and Lottie arrived, Colleen left, and Heath wore many vests. He’s already re-established himself as local treasure by giving Romeo business advice and turfing Hayley out of the diner.

Of course, Romeo didn’t take the advice. Instead, he lodged some of Ruby’s money (for buying surf stock) into Indi’s bank account. She’ll have spent that on slankets in no time. Unless of course, she’s with Ulster Bank – then who knows when she’ll get the cash.

Marilyn was jumped by someone, I reckon it was Jet robbing her bag, but Flathead says the person looked taller. Only time will tell.

Leah wore a bow in her hair. Strange move, but it was nice all the same.

Jet is some kind of school genius. He doesn’t even need to pay attention to take it all in. Gina and Xavier are keeping a good eye on him.

Hayley tried to off herself by wandering slowly into the surf. Liam galloped after her. Why does he bother? What did his post-it say, by the way?

bring back miles
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