Bruised egos

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Roo returned but wasn’t in too much of a hurry to say why she came back early. Maybe Coleen was getting on her nerves? Roo gave Marilyn a crystal ball which prompted her to say she might start doing readings again. How many businesses is she going to start and then drop? What happened to the tour bus.

Maddie happy to have Roo back. She told Roo things are better than ever, she even asked to move into a van with him, bizarre behaviour.

Kyle wants Phoebe to snap out of her funk so he offered her an amazing gig, a musical residency at Angelo’s. She is so down about her dog Dad, even that opportunity of a lifetime failed to cheer her up. Maybe she’s afraid she’s part canine? To clear the air she’s going to sell everything her Dad ever gave her. Garage sale time.

Casey is nursing a bruised jaw and ego. Chris punched him and then Denny wouldn’t answer his call. Kyle went after Casey to stop him going after Chris, but it’s Denny he’s looking for. He went to the farm for answers but all he got was a bag of frozen peas to put on his bruise, but they didn’t last, she asked for them back when she kicked him out. Kyle told him to cool it and give her space. In the meantime she called over to Chris’s where he was laying low, for fear of Braxton retaliation. She asked him to give it another go but he wasn’t interested. So now that she’s free and single, herself and Casey are going to give it a go, taking things slowly, they’ll make a nice couple.

Beat the teacher

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Gina organised a mediation with Mr. Townsend which went well according to Gina but not according to the angry man. He didn’t believe Casey’s apology. The situation wasn’t helped when the boys turned up at his car and threatened to bash it. He was convinced Casey put him them up to it and is determined to press charges which will lead to jail for Casey. The younger Braxton had better get used to bread and water.

Liam continued his romance with junkie lawyer Hayley. She’s clean now but Brax put her off the relationship, telling her to leave town. Liam was unimpressed but maybe he’s better off without her.

Coleen is leaving town and fears that nobody cares. She’s been giving out gifts left right and centre, without much fuss being made by the recipients. Unbeknownst to her, the locals are organising a secret send off to wish her bon voyage. What will Madge Wilkins do without her? Hopefully she’ll turn up on our screens at the going away do.

Cleaning up

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Liam and Brax are helping Hayley through her bit of strife. Liam is a fool to volunteer for this duty. Surely somebody other than an addict should be helping her? Well she got clean thanks to Liam but they ended up kissing, which sounds like a pretty bad move to me.

Coleen’s ham sambo looked yum. Surely eating that would take her mind off her man-handled jugs? Marilyn helped her with a spring clean of old junk to give her a hand and help raise her spirits. She found a lotto ticket and checked it, after telling Coleen that the Universe (aka script writers) had something good in store for her. She’s astute that Marilyn, Coleen won the lotto. If anyone in the Bay says things are going well, cue disaster and vice versa.

How busy is the Diner? It must be really busy as it currently has loads of staff: Irene, Leah, Roo, Marilyn, Coleen, a part-time Indi and occasionally some other randomers. Have I missed anyone?

Anger management

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Casey fell for Mr. Townsend’s provocation which wound up in him being taught a lesson, river boy style. He called Henri a tart, which Casey didn’t appreciate and punched him right on his schnoz. This was only going to end one way really. The angry teacher riles the angry student leading to a bashing. It must be about time that Casey leaves school again, he does so every other week.

angry teacher with a bloody nose

Other than that, Coleen was going on about her jugs, they were man handled. Dex did some exercise on the beach with Xavier to impress Lottie, who doesn’t go for the macho man look. April’s still pining after Dex, muscles or otherwise. Jet is under investigation by the cops. Sasha is going to counselling in the school with a very chilled out new counsellor. Just a normal day in the bay.

Bianca’s bun

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Bianca’s burgeoning bubble is becoming well known baywide, thanks to Coleen’s inquiring and gossiping.  That woman is incorrigible.

Leah and Ruby had a bit of a cry and a make up coffee in Alf’s house.  Leah reckoned that Ruby is the only one who can help Brax from falling apart at the seams.  She went over to say have a chat with him but he was busy getting it on with a young wan.  Rubes hit the effin roof as she felt he was disrespecting her late ma.

Liam “Ireland’s own” Murphy gave Irene some guitar lessons even though he hates country music.  Good to see he’s being the bigger man.

Car marts and dark arts

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Liam’s jam/biro scars seemed to clear up between the first scene and the car auction. He got a bit of a land when Bianca tried to get him to buy a family car for when they start a family in the future.Liam isn’t ready to put his rock star past behind and bought another bike, much to Bianca’s chagrin.

April is organising a list of potential take it to the next level dudes. She met a bloke called Jonathan at the auction, who asked her to go to the formal with him. Could he be the one? Apparently not, she told him she’s not ready to move on from Dex yet. It’s between Xavier and Heath at the minute. Bianca is not impressed with her hanging around with Heath. Given how she’s going through a rebellious phase I fear she’ll opt for the bad boy. This good girl gone bad storyline reminds me of when Jade went off the rails and organised a sit in.

Marilyn organised a girly lunch for Irene with Colleen and Roo. Irene thanked the girls for standing by her during her cancer trials. What did she expect them to say, “I hear you’re sick so stay out of our way until you’re better”? They decided to invoke the dart arts by doing a tarot card reading. Unsurprisingly it predicted that somebody will die. Who could it be? Colleen lost the plot and Irene looked worried, so worried that she decided to make a will.

Corpulence, conflict and corruption

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Harvey is continuing to spread rumours about John Palmer and his corrupt ways. Roo got involved and asked him to stop, to no avail. Rumours tend to get believed in small towns like the bay so John’s in strife with the council now, they want him to resign. Harvey needs stopping asap.

Miles is heading for a fall. He seems to think himself and Leah are headed for a reconciliation but Leah has other ideas and lied to him on the phone. To top it all, Colleen told him that he was looking a bit fat. I’m surprised how thin he is considering he stuffs his face in most scenes.

Sash is in hospital with her infection. Stu had a showdown with Sid, who got a taste of his anger. The doc won’t let him anywhere near Sasha now. But he got the impression that Stu convinced her to get the tattoo, which isn’t true and she didn’t set her Dad straight, future conflict alert. Xavier seems happy enough to hang around the hospital, waiting for her condition to improve. Isn’t he a bit old for Sasha, she’s only 15.

Cats, cops and criminals

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Colleen came out with another classic line today, “what’s got you grinning like a chestnut cat?” Brilliant.

Irene is back at work but find it hard going. Having to listen to Coleen’s insane ramblings must make it tough.

Charlie and Bianca went on a girlie weekend away. Bianca is some masochist, putting herself through 24 hours alone with Charlie. Chaz is feeling guilty after putting her job at risk over Brax. She got Heath up to keep an eye on her. They ended up together, big surprise. Then Brax ran Liam off his bike on the way home. Bianca didn’t deal with it too well. Maybe there’s still something there between the two of them?

Sasha got another beating from Stew. She keeps getting bashed but she keeps coming back for more. That poor kid needs to get over her self loathing. Sid is going to find out and then there will be some serious beatings.

Romeo to the rescue

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

While Romeo was rescuing Harvey in the midst of the storm, only one of them got stage instructions on their script. Harvey spoke in normal tones about his boat sinking while Romeo shouted to be heard over the roar of the wind. I suppose it’s not that important when you have a compound fracture with bones sticking out of your leg. Romeo must be quite precious about his hair, he didn’t bother putting up his hood despite the weather. He did end up as quite the hero in this episode.

Leah got some pregnancy pains. Why do this kind of thing always happen at times of crisis in the Bay? There are echoes of Angel giving birth in a car in the middle of a storm.

Coleen howling around the school was quite entertaining. It sounded like she was auditioning for a part as the hunchback of notre dame. Bianca came a cropper when the roof collapsed. I predict a life threatening condition which will clear up by the end of the week.

Farewell Nicole & Angelo

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

I’ll miss Nicole and Angelo. Don’t think I can say the same for baby George as I haven’t had as much time to get to know him. They had some good storylines in fairness. What about the time Nicole trying it on with holy Geoff? Who can forget the time that Angelo shot his colleague Jack? How we laughed.

The bay will be a duller place without them. At least we have Marilyn to keep us amused. Child kidnapping isn’t a bad way to keep the town talking. Luckily for her, Nic isn’t pressing charges so she got away with that one.

Is Roo some kind of world class problem solver? She’s a one woman A-team. She defused the kidnapping situation and made sure George got back to Nicole in one piece. I wonder if part of her wouldn’t have minded to see Marilyn locked up, leaving a clear path to Sid. Given her mental state and all of the flirtatious texting going on, I think the doctor would be on for that scenario too.

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