Break x 2

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Robert Robertson is slowly uncovering the Penn case. What’s Nicole hiding? She was very shifty when he asked her about the sequins. Anyway, how many different types of sequins can there be?

Alf and Miles denied all knowledge of Tulip O’Hare, but Alf showed his true colours later when he visited her grave. RR and accomplice got photographic evidence. How will he dig himself out of this hole?

Dexter is turning into a proper comedic character in the vein of Max and Robbie. He has his eye on the lady detective. What’s the age difference there, I wonder?

Bianca broke it off with Vittorio as his womanising ways got too much for her. Arrivederci, your majesty.

Aaaand now Home and Away is taking a break and won’t return until after Christmas. However will we manage?

bring back miles
Original image from This is Oz

all the dead

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