Me heart is broke

Friday, May 24th, 2013

And apparently, Heath and Xavier are mates.

It was Gina’s funeral and there was a great turn-out. Marilyn wore a fascinator, Maddie got the violin involved, there were Austin roses, and two brothers missing. Officer Xavier Austin stepped up to the plate and eulogised.

Casey didn’t bother his hoop going, as Indi would be too cross. Indi didn’t go either, bit sly considering all the help John gave her in setting up the gym. She is angry that she isn’t getting a chance to say goodbye to Romeo.

Jett is getting free dinners at Angelo’s for the foreseeable future. Good man Brax. Sid also cheered the Palmers up a bit by reminding them that Gina saved them, even as she was dying. Small comfort all the same.

The cops are after Ricky. Uh-oh.

Big meanies

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Ooh, the writers of Home and Away are toying with our emotions, and no mistake. The Family Palmer were as happy as possible, and Jett was being as cute as possible, so of course something had to go wrong. Gina had some class of aneurysm. You know things are bad when you start seeing yourself as an apparition.

At least she remembered one of her other sons before disaster struck. I was half-expecting her to answer the phone with a “Xavier who?”. Poor Bandicoot and Hugo don’t get a look in.

Marilyn foresaw it all, of course. She’ll be feeling mega-guilty for days now.

Dex felt bad for taking it to the next level in the hospital. He’s obviously never seen Grey’s Anatomy. April, spurred on by the positive-thinking-vibes of her recent girls’ night, confronted him and wished him luck in the future. He just looked confused.


Romeo, Romeo, speak up there Romeo

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Mr. Smith has the oul’ caaaanca, but he won’t tell his wife. Well, she’ll deduce it soon enough from his withdrawn ways, and if she doesn’t, her dear daddio will let it slip. I only hope Romeo doesn’t tell Heath, who then tells Indi, as that would be a disaster of Home and Away proportions.

What a diagnosis though! Sid seems to be giving him a little hope with the promise of new treatments, but Romeo is riddled with it.

Gina and John told Jett they wanted to adopt him. Jett, the wee dote, went mad, saying he wasn’t good enough. He gave Gina a good dig by saying her sons wouldn’t like it. I’d say Gina thought, “who?”.

Sasha was so amazing and by-the-book in her petitioning for equal-rights uniforms that Gina is going to back her cause with the PNC. Sasha was delighted with this, but had no friends to tell, since she dissed Rosie. Bad move, Sash.


Sad Case

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Casey is down in the dumps. His symptoms include dropping out of school (again), wrecking his room and moping on the beach on his own. He’s sure he’s going to jail for putting down his old man, Danny the dog. Not even Sasha coming for a chat on the moonlight sands was enough to lighten his mood.

Natalie is driven to distraction in her Braxton stalking and snooping. I think she’s got some sort of homing signal, she can always find Casey or Brax and pry them for feelings. What’ll she do if Casey gets locked up? She’ll have to start taking an interest in Heath.

Gina was feeling great either until Jet turned up with his dad. Looks like he’s not going to WA after all. They’re all one big happy family again. Poor Gina, you’d swear she didn’t have any sons of her own. Anyone heard from Bandicoot recently?

Bad boy makeover

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Dex found two college mates who gave him girlfriend advice when they saw April’s name on his copy. They said he didn’t have a chance of getting her back due to his nice guy image. He needed their help in the form of a bad boy makeover. They all went to the bar for shots and lessons in being elusive. Can’t see it ending well. If this works, April is a simpleton. Maybe he’ll take it to heart and join the river boys.

Poor Felix is a desperate actor. Fair play to Sasha, she didn’t desert her brother or forget about him, unlike Xavier and Brendan. Her plan to live with Felix in the city didn’t work out and she came back to the farm.

Henri is going to take a job at the school, but has a lot to consider, not least her affair with Casey. I can see the doo-doo hitting the fan before long. Casey has very bad timing with his text messages. They’ll have to take a break until after his exams. Casey will go off the rails before long I’d say. Maybe he’ll threaten to leave school again.


Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Nothing major happened in episode 5000, but that didn’t matter because…Brendan’s back!  Just on holidays, mind; he’ll be going back to Ruby 2 shortly.

Liam took an overdose because he saw Nicole and Aden kissing on the beach.  People should look around before they start kissing by the Summer Bay sea.

Romeo’s sister arrived.  For a second I thought she was the imaginary girl.  She looks feisty, at any rate.  She’ll surely shake up the caravan park.

Poor Veej

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Well Veej went off the rails in the last episode; he pegged a water balloon at Miles’s car. Leah rightly pointed out that it wasn’t even an original act – Brendan “The Bandicoot” Austin had started the trend when he blinded Roman with a rock and a catapult.  The real issue here, though, is that Veej is getting battered at school. Wait till Leah goes all flustered on their asses – they’ll be sorry.


Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

There was high drama at Summer Bay jetty in that episode; some lad that Hugo knows started a big scrap down at the shed, just as Ruby was breaking up with Xavier.  Xavier tried to go to his brother’s aid, but instead got lamped in the head and fell into the water.  Luckily Brendan saved him.  Nice one Bandicoot.

After all the heroics, Mammy Austin decided Brendan could move into the community house.  Ruby 2 was effin’ thrilled.  Hugo pretended to the rubbish cop that he didn’t know the attacker, who had handily planted some kind of map in the shed.

Handily for Ruby 1, Xavier has memory loss, so he can’t remember she broke up with him.  She can ease her guilt by staying together with him.  That’s a great idea.

Colleen got landed with two slices of mud pie when Ruby and Nicole scarpered out of the diner.  I bet she kept them for herself and Madge Wilkins.

Sink it and die Austin

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Ah, so Ruby Leeds is trying to steal Brendan away to a community house. Sure what harm, you might think. But Mammy Austin instinctively returned to the Bay just in time to stop Hugo shipping his brother off. She wants to keep Brendan all to herself. I’d say Ruby will convince her to set him free, though.

Geoff saw Ruby in the nip. He’s well into her. He’ll probably have visions of her now, just like Miles did when he first encountered Kirsty’s knickers. On a related note, the Aden and Geoff scenes are keeping the comedy scores up at the moment.

Hugo got a death threat. It was just like in the movies, with cut-out letters and everything. Spooky. Was it Trey’s da? Where’s Trey again? Did he go to jail?

Doing it tough

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

“Doing it tough” is the current phrase du jour in Summer Bay, and with good reason.

  • Aden’s still doing it tough due to Belle’s death.  Surprisingly he didn’t get over it in a week.  I think the Summer Bay time warp is weakening.
  • Sid is doing it tough trying to ward off Nicole.
  • Charlie’s doing it tough trying to nail Grant for every rape in Oz.
  • Jai is doing it tough because he can’t get his hands on Annie.
  • Ruby’s doing it tough because she can’t decide between Xavier and Geoff.
  • Widower dude’s doing it tough because he has a baby and no wife to help with the childrearing.  Rachel or Leah will sort that out for him.
  • Hugo and Confused Martha are doing it tough because the authorities don’t like their shipwreck idea.
  • Kirsty and Miles are doing it tough because they’re having a babog and only one of them is bothered with it.

Brendan is the only one having any craic; I wonder what Ruby II was wearing when he was talking to her?

bring back miles
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