Where there’s smoke…

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Bianca’s memory loss is becoming dangerous. Heath and Bianca fell asleep after she started cooking, she forgot to keep an eye on it due to her amnesia. Ricky & Casey came along and rescued them from the flames. Casey tried to help by getting Nate to check Bianca out, which prompted a Heath explosion, he went mad because he wants to deal with his wife’s illness on his own. Bianca was having lunch in the diner when a mobile phone ring tone reminded her of the bomb blast, maybe she’ll be cured now?

The mystery of the stolen bracelet is only partially solved. Jett and Veej know that Marilyn stole the money from Alf and that Roo got the blame but neither Roo nor Alf know yet, this won’t last long. Jett is holding her to ransom with a bit of blackmail. He is getting her to do the punishment chores that John is giving him, she’s been waxing boards and washing jeeps. Jett isn’t going to get away with this for long, even VJ told him to give her a rest but as soon as they decided to do the right thing they were sprung by Alf and John. When they confronted Marilyn she confessed everything about her theft of the money in 1989. Alf was fine about it and forgave Marilyn but Jett is in big trouble with John.

Josh & Andy are broke. They owe rent on the caravan and only have 100 dollars left. They had to share a toasted sambo down the diner for their dinner. Casey offered Andy an advance on his wages but he flipped out at the offer. Josh wants to drop out of school so that he can get a job but Andy went back to Casey and secured an advance. All’s well that ends well. Casey gave Andy the cash from his own wallet, is there no cash register in the gym?

Sniper snared

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Fair play to you Heathcliff Braxton, you fairly caught the Sniper red-handed. There, she was, shlipping the phone she used to detonate the bomb into some poor unsuspecting child’s locker. Anyway, Leah is on to her too, so it was only a matter of time before the truth came to light.

Is there a police work-to-rule on in Yabbie Creek or something? The local residents have resorted to solving their own crimes. Zach, Hannah, Casey and Tamara sought out the kidnapped kids without anyone asking law enforcement for help. Renegades. They found Evelyn, Oscar and Kyle half-dead from oxygen deprivation, but two minutes later sure they were grand. No need to take them to hospital, or call the ambos, noooooo that’s not the Summer Bay renegade way. Anyway, as it turned out, topless Dr. Nate was hanging out Chez Braxton.

There was a distinct lack of orange jumpsuits at the bomb site. Alf seemed to be the only regular who bothered.

Harvey is not saying much about his ordeal; maybe he went on a bender and is only coming around now.

Brain surgery

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Boom! That’s the sound of Summer Bay reacting to the Sniper blowing up the hospital.

Bianca and Heath were trapped inside with Nate once the roof collapsed. Bianca had pressure on the brain, what Hugo might refer to as a brain explosion.

Nate said there is nothing for it, I’ll have to drill into her skull to relieve the pressure; she needed that like she needed a hole in the head.  Alf and the orange jumpsuit lads turned up in time to get her out but it’s touch and go whether she’ll be ok.  I love when Alf gets his emergency gear on, you know it’s business time when that happens.


The twins and Kyle are still trapped in the container without oxygen, food or water. Unbeknownst to them and their captors, Ethan was critically injured in the explosion and he won’t be back anytime soon. He croaked it and now nobody knows where the missing children and Kyle are.  Will Zac be able to save them before they resort to eating each other?

Braxton baby

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

After Ricky fainted, her stalker Kyle called the doc, who confronted her and confirmed his suspicions – she’s pregnant. To make doubly sure, she did a pregnancy test in Nate’s presence, hygienically leaving it on the kitchen table while it developed. Kyle walked in just as she made the announcement, but she’s sworn him to secrecy.

Leah had a face-off with The Sniper, calling her a coward and a bully. Will she change her ways now?

Andy is a total weirdo; he asked Josh not to go to school so he could hang around with him all day.

Alf and Jett engineered a fancy lunch for John and Marilyn. Awwwwwww.

Wed and fled

Friday, February 14th, 2014

After all the drama, April and Dex’s wedding passed off peacefully (despite her dress). The reception was in a barn, just like Jack and Martha’s. Thankfully, no crazy stalkers turned up.


Later on, Indi went to the gym to reflect before she left the Bay. BUT, WHY DID ALF GO THERE TOO, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?

The next day, the Walker family (except Sasha) left town. Sasha was emotional, which was understandable, because she’ll never see her family again. Such is the way in Summer Bay.

Indi’s not selling the gym, but she is relinquishing control to the Bashing Brothers Braxton. Good move?

Banger come back

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Where is Harvey? Winston has turned up safe and sound. Roo got word that the search for Husband Harvey had been called off, which rendered her more even shrill and bad-tempered. She thinks he is still out there, but the solemn faces on Alf, Marilyn and John suggest they think otherwise.

If Banger has truly banged his last, it’s a bit of a poor exit for the man. He deserves better than a Beth-style death. We’d put so much effort into liking him, that this news is coming as a bit of a blow. Such is the Summer Bay Curse; no adult relationship lasts too long.

You Cult

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Evelyn’s video brought the cult crashing down around Murray’s ears. He was marrying the youngsters off to one another; to what end, who knows? The YCPD raided the lodge and put him in a fridge-type-thing on the back of a police van. They also arrested Zac’s lawyer brother, Ethan. He is totally brainwashed. Summer Bay will soon sort him out.

Spencer is in the hospital and away with the fairies. Dr. Accent advised him to go back on his bipolar medication.

Erica Sharpe visited Brax in prison. They had a great chat and she had a good bawl when leaving.

Alf returned to support Roo in her missing husband crisis. She’s disgusted with Marilyn for telling Alf. Gah.

Leah has been studying social work for two weeks, so naturally she was a shoo-in for a job at Summer Bay High. VJ is not impressed.

Brax goes inside

Friday, December 13th, 2013

Josh and Andy’s ma took a shot at Brax but managed to shoot her Josh instead.  Not her best ever move I would imagine.  Brax will have to mull it over in jail as he makes friends with his new friends inside.  He told Ricky to take care of Josh but that make not take long if he dies before he gets out of jail.

Marilyn saved John from choking in the diner, she knew it was going to happen as she had one of her occasional psychic feelings.  Maybe she’s been using the dark arts again?

Maddy has returned home.  Roo told her that Alf felt bad about giving out to her but they managed to kiss and make up.  Alf is fairly shook by Romeo’s passing away and is going to head off to Sally and Pippa in the US.  Imagine Alf stateside, he’ll probably come back in cowboy gear or an L.A. gang member.

We’ll have to wait a month to find out how it all turns out, RTE are taking a break from the show for a month.

Winston the Conqueror

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Winston’s off, with his best mate, Banger. Banger wasn’t that mad on Winston until recently. Ah well, I suppose if you can go on holiday at the drop of a hat, you can change your mind quickly too.

Imagine the adventures those boys will have…hanging out on the deck of a cruise ship…dressed in their onesies.

Winston told Alf to look after the Blaxland. He’ll never be rid of that yoke.

Spence went to hospital where it emerged that he hasn’t been taking his medication. He got a bit down, but April talked him round and he went to Sasha for support. That’s that then.

A new doll rocked into the Diner saying she was Chris’s girlfriend. Indi will have something to say about that.


There is no more time

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Zac is now an honorary Braxton now, he took them to kidnap the twins. I don’t know why they are bothering to get involved. Kyle couldn’t resist, even though he’s on probation, but he made the point that he was the expert on kidnapping and they would need his expertise. Zac distracted his bro while the Braxton’s sneaked into the house and took Oscar and Evelyn with them. I don’t know when they had to be so careful and sneaky in taking the kids, the cult don’t look that threatening. Beyond Zac’s brother there didn’t seem many others and they don’t look like they’d put up much of a fight.

Indi and Chris are finding it hard to get some alone time. Chris is buttering up Irene to get on her good side. Irene is feeling a bit smothered by his over affection.

Roo is worried about Maddy spending time with Josh. He took her on a date to get some gelato, but the cops showed up and nicked him in connection with the car crash. Maddy thinks Roo grassed him up but it turns out Alf is the rat. He refused to stand by while she makes a big mistake with Josh so he called YCPD with the deets and now he’ll have to answer for his crime.

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