Sad Sal

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Now, we acknowledged that Sally was back, but not why. Wee Pippa is on the way out, life-wise, and Sally wanted her to see the Bay before she popped her clogs.

Sally has no luck. Her fella, Flynn, died just after they got married, and now her daughter is terminally ill.

By the way, “dying”, and “cancer” are two of the best words to say in an Aussie accent, try it there, g’wan. Not that Pippa has cancer. She has, em, something else, and Sally is distraught as she may have to sell the house to pay for Pip’s treatment in America.

Which got me to thinking. Why does Alf live in that house? What happened to the house he used to live in with Ails? Why can’t anyone in the Bay live alone? Why do they all have to live in commune-type scenarios?

And also – who’ll buy the house? I think it’ll be Alf myself. Or perhaps Roo and Harvey will magic up some money and take it over.

No sooner had Sid ‘n Sash left the Bay, than Dex and Indi decided to throw a massive party. It was awesome, we know because Indi proclaimed it so. She packed Casey off to his leaba as he’d had about four beers. He gave her a smooch before he snoozed. She was taken aback, but in the morning she’ll see him in a whole, new, romantic light.

Ailsa’s helping Sally write a book!

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

In real life, like.

Awwww friends

Friday, September 17th, 2010

So, Romeo and Indigo are an item. Romeo did a load of messing in that episode; I think he’s scared to take things to “the next level”. Did he ever reach that level with Annie? Surely not.

If you lived in Summer Bay, who would you ask for romantic advice? That’s right, Alf and Miles. Two bachelors who live together. Anyway Alf reassured Romeo that it’s ok to be romantic with your best friend. He even admitted Ailsa was his. Awwww. Even if she was a bit of a drip.

Rachel is trying to scare Tony into going to Boston; she left her flight confirmation lying about the house. Sly one Doc.

Great birthday present

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010


Unbelieveable. Kate Ritchie introducing the Summer Bay weddings of the past. We had a pregnant (with Martha?) Roo running out on Frank, Alf and Ailsa slying off to become man and wife, and Angel miraculously rising from her wheelchair to walk down the aisle. Not to mention Don and Marilyn’s nuptials, and Hayley’s ghost dad giving her away. Hayley was always seeing ghosts. Do yis want a lend?

Separated at birth

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

I was listening to a football podcast recently and they discussed the similarities between Ailsa and Mark Hughes, the recently sacked manager of Man City. Do you know what, it’s uncanny.


What is Miles on?

Monday, October 5th, 2009

“I don’t want to be Wowser about it” was what Miles had to say when doubting Kirsty’s ability to balance Uni and home life. What the hell is a Wowser?

Poor Morag got battered again. Ross accidentally smacked her in the face but sure it was as bad as the time Alf/Ailsa threw her down the stairs, which you can see here.  Ailsa got way meaner when she came back from the dead as Alf’s imaginary friend.

Australia’s most haunted

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Who you gonna call Summer Bay? Ghosts are ten a penny around town these days. The latest spook on the block is our very own Constable Holden. No sooner had Jack shuffled off this mortal coil than he was haunting the hospital and talking to Martha. Let’s hope he makes a better ghost than he did a cop.

But Ghost Jack is only the latest in a long and distinguished line of summer bay spooks and spectres. Who can remember when Bobby appeared to Ailsa on the door of the fridge in the Diner? Great choice Ghost Bobby. Nobody forgot that in a hurry.

Another memorable haunting was when Ghost Shane appeared to a heavily pregnant Angel as she struggled to drive to the hospital through a storm. Are Ghosts allowed to drive motorbikes? She was so grateful that she named the baby after him but abbreviated it to just “Shane”, rather than “Ghost Shane”.

When poor Noah got shot by one of a fierce plague of psychos stalking the bay in recent years, he did manage to reappear to Hayley during his funeral. They made a cute couple even if one of them wasn’t quite there.

Going way back, Blake used to go down to the beach to visit the ghost of his dead girlfriend Meg. She had died down there and decided to haunt the place afterwards. Why did nobody think of calling Ghostbusters?

bring back miles
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all the dead

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