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Gawd Save Ireland

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

It’s a badly-kept secret that Irene feels a great affinity with our fair isle. So we decided to celebrate it in t-shirt form. Now you can pray along with Irene, or just show your support for eh, her support.

Apparently the phrase “God save Ireland” comes from a rebel song. Home and Away is so educational.

Get them while they’re hot!

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Our new shop is open for business! We’re selling t-shirts and mugs with Home and Away Ireland original designs featuring the Bay’s favourite raving redhead, Justice Morag Bellingham. When it comes to legal matters, she is the law.

Yabbie Creek Police Department are always doing their best – to stuff up a crime investigation. Show your support for Charlie and Angelo by buying a YCPD t-shirt.

What would you say if you just found out that all of the diner staff had called in sick? “Oh my Gawdfather” is the only reasonable response. Get on the Irene Roberts bandwagon!

We’ll be adding more designs soon. Here’s the link.  And here’s the link if you want to shop in dollars, it may be cheaper.

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bring back miles
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all the dead

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