The Braxtons always have stuff going on

July 8th, 2014 by Flathead

Jett told Denny “the Braxtons always have stuff going on”, he’s not wrong there. Casey confronted Cheryl about being a Barrett but he wasn’t too happy with her excuses so he told her to get stuffed, they’re done.  He left to spend some time alone but Brax found him and convinced him to come back for more Cheryl time.

Chris is still trying to avoid Denny since she dumped him.  He’s even calling in sick to the Diner. Irene copped on and sent Denny around to find him watching football instead of being properly sick. She’s sick of him being a dope and dodging her. Casey and her had a chat and bonded in the Diner, she’d be better off with Casey than Chris anyway.

Chris told Spencer that he regretted pushing her away and was going to try getting her back, even if it meant he’d have to tell everyone he’d been a total idiot. He just wanted their relationship to slow down, not stop.

Jett is annoyed that his boat is going to be expensive to fix up. John has given him a job in the surf club selling gelato but he’ll have to sell a lot to be able to afford getting his boat fixed. Maybe he should try to get a second job, like helping with Marilyn and John’s tour bus business. Whatever happened to that?  They haven’t mentioned it in months.

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4 Responses to “The Braxtons always have stuff going on”

  1. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Loved Chez ( Ricky new name for her) telling Casey that Darryl was an accident!

  2. Flathead Says:

    “Chez” is a bit like when Tasha started calling Martha “Mac”.

  3. Ailsa Says:

    And the way Ricky calls Bianca “B” aka the laziest nickname of all time.

  4. Strikemeroan Says:

    I missed the ‘Chez’ abbreviation – nice work, R(icky)

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