Look what the cat dragged in

May 27th, 2014 by Flathead

Spencer found Matt sleeping on the doorstep of Irene’s house so he passed him onto Sasha. She got him showered, dressed and took him to Leah’s. She followed the Summer Bay tradition of taking him in without a second thought. Matt and Sasha celebrated with a pash on the beach. Spencer won’t be happy when he finds out.

Maddy let slip to Josh that she kissed Spencer on the sly. He stormed off in a huff which left Maddie depressed. Oscar swooped in to pick up the pieces and provide a shoulder for her to cry on.  Maybe he’ll be able to take advantage if they break up?

Nate was annoyed when he found out Ricky isn’t seeing Brax as he assumed she broke up with him to be with Brax.  Now Ricky is on the market again could there be room for a reconciliation?  Leah seems to think so.

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4 Responses to “Look what the cat dragged in”

  1. Strikemeroan Says:

    LOL at Matt calling Nate ‘Dr Lurch’ – seems he may be the new Heath Braxton when it comes to witty insults.

  2. Ailsa Says:

    Matt is some pup. Leah is a saint; straight out of hospital and taking in strays.

  3. Flathead Says:

    She hasn’t even made a full recovery and she’s already taking them in.

  4. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Nate has more nicknames than any other character ever!

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