Zac off the rails

May 26th, 2014 by Ailsa

Zac is now a daytime-drinking, husband-hitting, colleague-cursing mess. Hannah has threatened to move out, and take the kids with her. Secretly, though, she lurves him and is annoyed that he took it to the next level with Bianca.

Chris, Spencer, Phoebe, Jett, John and Marilyn saved the diner by luring customers in with a master marketing campaign. Which consisted of shouting at people from a boat. Irene was at home with her feet up, but Alf used one of her own phrases agin her to spur her back into action. GET A WRIGGLE ON!

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12 Responses to “Zac off the rails”

  1. Strikemeroan Says:

    Is that what Alf said? I was trying to make it out – it sounded like ‘get your dangles out’ or something like that.

    Loved Phoebe getting the death glare from Alf when she tried to rope him into her loudspeaker campaign. ‘Ehh…I’ll just leave you to enjoy your tea’. That’s right Phoebe – you do that.

  2. Sergeant Watson Says:

    Is anyone else finding Phoebe spectacularly annoying? Everything about her annoys me. Kyle is nearly as bad, mind, if they sailed off into the sunset together that’d be just grand.

  3. gawdsaveus Says:

    Not condoning Zac being on the grog or anything, but he did come out with a cracker line a few episodes back. His reaction to hearing Leah was on the transplant list…”is this town built on an indian burial ground??”

  4. Ailsa Says:

    Yeah Phoebe is a dose, she was terribly irritating today when Kyle was trying to train her in.

  5. Ailsa Says:

    Deadly username there, gawdsaveus! Who would’ve thought Zac had such wit

  6. coppertop Says:

    Phoebe has gone from being ultra cool but with complete Rimmel eyeshadow palette on her face to being a very annoying bouncy teenager with a complete Rimmel eyeshadow palette on her face. It looks like Kyle is thinking nah I don’t love you or your eyeshadow.

  7. Ailsa Says:

    I think she just smears it on with her fingers, be the look o’ her.

  8. Strikemeroan Says:

    I laughed at Zac saying that too, gawdsaveus! H&A goes meta.

  9. gawdsaveus Says:

    Thanks ailsa, yeah zac is funny shocker!

  10. Schoolie Says:

    Why was Zac drinking on the beach? Surely Sid’s ditch is vacant now!

  11. Schoolie Says:

    I was very pleased that Phoebe had left, why oh why did she have to return? And still with all that eyeshadow..

  12. Ailsa Says:

    Hahahaha, Sid’s ditch! Love it

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