Where there’s smoke…

March 27th, 2014 by Flathead

Bianca’s memory loss is becoming dangerous. Heath and Bianca fell asleep after she started cooking, she forgot to keep an eye on it due to her amnesia. Ricky & Casey came along and rescued them from the flames. Casey tried to help by getting Nate to check Bianca out, which prompted a Heath explosion, he went mad because he wants to deal with his wife’s illness on his own. Bianca was having lunch in the diner when a mobile phone ring tone reminded her of the bomb blast, maybe she’ll be cured now?

The mystery of the stolen bracelet is only partially solved. Jett and Veej know that Marilyn stole the money from Alf and that Roo got the blame but neither Roo nor Alf know yet, this won’t last long. Jett is holding her to ransom with a bit of blackmail. He is getting her to do the punishment chores that John is giving him, she’s been waxing boards and washing jeeps. Jett isn’t going to get away with this for long, even VJ told him to give her a rest but as soon as they decided to do the right thing they were sprung by Alf and John. When they confronted Marilyn she confessed everything about her theft of the money in 1989. Alf was fine about it and forgave Marilyn but Jett is in big trouble with John.

Josh & Andy are broke. They owe rent on the caravan and only have 100 dollars left. They had to share a toasted sambo down the diner for their dinner. Casey offered Andy an advance on his wages but he flipped out at the offer. Josh wants to drop out of school so that he can get a job but Andy went back to Casey and secured an advance. All’s well that ends well. Casey gave Andy the cash from his own wallet, is there no cash register in the gym?

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2 Responses to “Where there’s smoke…”

  1. Colleen's Passion Pit CD Says:

    Andy and his hobo haircut of a brother are so poor they’ve to share a toasted sambo in the diner for dinner. Which prompted me to shout at my laptop ‘WHY DON’T YOU STOP EATING OUT?!!!’

    But of course everyone eats out in Summer Bay. Which seems fairly expensive and unsustainable, but I guess there hasn’t been a supermarket in the Bay since Hogan’s General Store closed. Where’s Londis when you need it?

  2. Strikemeroan Says:

    Not to mention the amount of people who storm out of the diner after some dramz or other, leaving full plates of (expensive!) food behind them.

    Then again, Miles solved that problem by just eating straight from the kitchen while yapping at Irene & Leah.

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