Party time

March 18th, 2014 by Flathead

Jett and Veej came up with an amazing party plan, have it in Irene’s while she is away. Chris and Spencer were sure that the other bro had organised it but once they came back to find it in full swing they decided to go with the flow and they got to partying. All was good until Irene came back and caught them in the act. She’s going to have some time punishing Chris and Spencer for their carry-on.

Things are not going smoothly on the farm. The twins were annoyed with Zac over Ethan’s funeral arrangements. They went off in a huff but when Zac brought them back home from the party they had a big chat and it’s going to be fine now, they’ll set up as a proper family.

Some odd dude from Andy’s past turned up in the Bay asking questions about the elder Barrett bro. He turned up at the party and heard that Casey had taken Andy on in the gym, where he was locking up. Andy could be in a for a bashing.

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3 Responses to “Party time”

  1. Strikemeroan Says:

    Irene telling off the party animals was an instant H&A classic moment. Especially her reaction to Phoebe coming out of the bedroom.

    I’ve just had a realisation – Phoebe is basically the female Liam. I wonder when her substance abuse problems are going to surface.

  2. Ailsa Says:

    Leah did some great mammying/giving out also. Glad to see Veej back, he must have been off doing exams or something.

  3. coppertop Says:

    Strikemeroan you’re as good as Irene for seeing into the future. Remember when she could do that?! Yeah Phoebe will go off the rails and try to drag Chris down with her.

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