Hit the frog and toad

March 11th, 2014 by Ailsa

There were plenty of rowing romancers in that episode. Spencer and Sasha fell out over her blindfold kiss with Chris, then Marilyn and John fell out over the value of a kiss. Marilyn won that one when she pashed Dr. Nate/Accent/Cheekbones in the diner; John was none too impressed. Anyway, everyone was friends again by the credits, phew!

Ricky and Dr. Nate are doing mighty flirting. He might have to leave town, which is causing her some distress. She had another baby/medical emergency, so he’ll have to stick around now.

How ridiculous is it that Brax still doesn’t know Ricky is pregnant? How come none of the Boyz have let it slip? This is very un-Summer-Bay-like.

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2 Responses to “Hit the frog and toad”

  1. coppertop Says:

    Frog and toad! That is something that I never ever thought I’d hear from Alfred. It isn’t a proper Alfism.

  2. Colleen's Passion Pit CD Says:

    I had been looking forward to Marilyn and JP’s first onscreen kiss (they’ve easily been my favourite characters of the past few years) but have to say I was a little disappointed 🙁

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