Braxton baby

February 18th, 2014 by Ailsa

After Ricky fainted, her stalker Kyle called the doc, who confronted her and confirmed his suspicions – she’s pregnant. To make doubly sure, she did a pregnancy test in Nate’s presence, hygienically leaving it on the kitchen table while it developed. Kyle walked in just as she made the announcement, but she’s sworn him to secrecy.

Leah had a face-off with The Sniper, calling her a coward and a bully. Will she change her ways now?

Andy is a total weirdo; he asked Josh not to go to school so he could hang around with him all day.

Alf and Jett engineered a fancy lunch for John and Marilyn. Awwwwwww.

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4 Responses to “Braxton baby”

  1. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Leah versus The Sniper was brilliant. Loving the bitchiness of her.
    What is the purpose of Andy? Can he not just get a post stabbing infection and join the gang on the wall.
    In former cast news, I saw Endless Love tonight. Lucas is in it and I had totally forgot how cute he was! How did he leave?

  2. Ailsa Says:

    Andy is a simpleton I think. There are no hidden depths there.

    Ah, Lucas. Will have to look him up.

  3. coppertop Says:

    I am loving the Fringe Leah. She is well able for the Sniper. That was a great stand off. I’m getting annoyed everytime the Sniper calls Fringe Leah “just the work experience.” Bitch! Andy Boring Barrett is painful to watch. Himself and his brother are spongers.

  4. Guest Says:

    don’t like The Barrett’s, they seem like Braxton clones to me, but am dull, anyway Josh looks Like Jonas Brothers attempt at being a bad boy

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