Wedding mayhem

February 13th, 2014 by Flathead

Everyone loves a wedding, except the bride in this case:

Dex and April's wedding

Nothing was going quite right on the day. The cake was wrong, golf themed instead of wedding, Dex’s shirt got ruined and the flowers didn’t arrive. But it didn’t matter as the couple were so in love and nothing else mattered. Or so we thought.

April had last minute panic as poor Dex was left at the altar. Will Bianca and Tamara be able to persuade her that it’s all ok? Will she leg it to Paris on her own leaving him stranded with no wife and no career? April would want to watch it, if she gets to stressed she might regret it.

stressed bride

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4 Responses to “Wedding mayhem”

  1. Strikemeroan Says:

    Hahaha you can always rely on ‘Thats Life’ for the hilarious headlines.

    I was surprised Marilyn wasn’t more dressed up for the wedding. Don’t get me wrong, she looked great as always, it’s just that she seemed more like she was wearing her normal clothes

  2. Ailsa Says:

    I said the exact same thing! I suppose she’s fancy everyday, hard to beat it. Indi wearing the Romeo-dream dress

  3. gillian Says:

    i feel bad saying it but irenes ‘outfit’ seemed awful trashy! for a wedding anyway! couldn’t she have borrowed a sack dress from roo?

  4. coppertop Says:

    I thought that was a Marilyn work outfit. I wish she’d wear a proper guna with her hair down for a change.

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