January 29th, 2014 by Flathead

The fallout of the cult’s discovery ceremony continues. Spencer got bashed and Evelyn tried to escape with him but Spencer was in a bad way and wasn’t up to the journey. As we all know,¬†twins in Summer Bay have psychic ESP powers so Oscar knew that Evelyn was in trouble. They spent the night in the bush and when they woke up Spencer was worse, his symptoms included stiffness and coughing up a liquid that looked like Ribena. Hannah & Zac decided to go on a rescue mission, once he saw a letter from Evelyn he immediately understood the urgency due to Oscar’s psychic warnings from his twin sense. Why didn’t they get the Braxtons involved? They are the local kidnapping experts. When they found Evelyn & Spencer they were just in the nick of time as Murray and Ethan were there but they left once Zac decked Murray. So the kids are safe now but they’ll have to hope that the Ethan manages to wake up to Murray’s evil plans before too long.

Casey gave up on his HSC plan the same day that he made it which is a record even by his standards. He wanted to sit his exams immediately but Bianca told him he’d have to wait for a year so he ditched the idea. He didn’t tell Tamara about his plans, what is it with the Braxtons and secret education? She got it out of him in a walk on the beach. Tamara went to Bianca and asked her for help, which led to a showdown with the Sniper. Those two are going to come for blows before long. Bianca and Casey are going to ask the department for special dispensation to do his HSC due to Casey’s circumstances. That would be great, he could be given permission and then drop out again, Brax would be so proud.

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