No mo’ Romeo

December 11th, 2013 by Ailsa

Poor Romeo was done in by the bould cancaaaa, and Indi found out via phone while pashing with Chris. Does this mean Liam Murphy will roll back into town, all leather and toothpicks, to see off his mate? What about Mink, the surfing sister?

Indi has reverted to confused abandoned widow-mode, while Chris expects her to snap out of it. Sensitive. Robyn is sniffing around, waiting for Chris to slip so she can work her wily charms on him.

John and Marilyn are still vague alluding to their feelings for each other. Casey and Tamara just got on with it and got stuck in.

Brax is still in the clink. Heath is hopeful he’ll get out, Casey says not a chance. He’s in Ireland, lads.

Spencer has now decided to forget about his bipolar medication and is going to join The Cult instead. This is going to be great.

5 Responses to “No mo’ Romeo”

  1. gillian Says:

    although i knew romeo was gonna die, i still shed some tears. poor indi.

    and where on earth did mink go??

  2. Justice Bellingham Says:

    I also welled up. More so at Alf’s reaction. Would have liked to see other people hear the news. Like if Chris said to Irene that everything was fine until someone called Liam phoned and Irene realised what that meant.
    Disappointed it wasn’t announced by Liam coming back alone.

  3. gillian Says:

    ya i wish we had seen roo and irenes reaction cos im sure they’ll just bypass it now and they’ll just mention him in passing. i know indi is in shock too but i expected her to at least close the gym for the day and wallow a bit!

  4. Ailsa Says:

    Poor Indi, that was one of the worst situations ever in H&A, what a crappy way to leave things Romeo you brat!

  5. Yabbie Creeker Says:

    Aw it was really sad, was happy that Indi told Dex.. was sure she was going to hold it all in.. I wonder will they have a cliff top ceremony with Romeos ashes. Chris is def going to seek comfort with randy Robyn.
    In better news, Spencer and the cult is going to be epic! Lots of pashing and general boldness over the last few days, Jett was funny asking John about Kyles love in and picking up randomers!

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