Heath’s amazing outfit from yesterday

November 13th, 2013 by Ailsa


Heath wearing streamers fair enough

Heath wearing streamers fair enough

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3 Responses to “Heath’s amazing outfit from yesterday”

  1. Summer_Babe Says:

    Is Spencer bipolar or suffering from depression? What’s with the lithium carbonate tablets?

  2. Strikemeroan Says:

    Well Lithium is prescribed for bipolar disorder so I guess that’s what he has. Now that he’s chucked them I’m sure we’re going to see a sensitive and true-to-life exploration of mental illness by the writers….

    Or, you know, just have him act KER-AZY!! Sigh.

  3. Cantstandxavier Says:

    Skitzophrenia or bi polar methinks. Bad ass spencer ha what a turn around. Although he grabbed sash by the neck that was a bit scary, might have another stu on her hands if he misses his meds.
    I miss lil pip she was a great actor.
    Vogue does home and away tomorrow rte 2 so jealous..

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