November 7th, 2013 by Ailsa

Casey is still in hospital, topless. The legs aren’t up to scratch yet but that will be remedied before too long. Tamara was worrying about him, so Kyle selflessly acknowledged the bond between her and Braxton the Younger, and advised her to visit her mate at Summer Bay General. However, he didn’t expect her to stay there all night; now he’s suss that her feelings for Casey are bubbling to the surface again. I personally would like them all to be in a couple, Crazy-Eye Casey, Jutting Jaw Kyle and Great Hair Tamara. That would be a riot.

Zac went to visit his bro and the kids at the cult. It was all very sinister; the background music should have tipped him off that something wasn’t right. His niece loves the cult but his nephew’s not so sure so Zac schlipped him his phone number. Cue an escape.

Irene and Chris are still blueing. He is an inconsiderate thick who cannot understand rules. If there is anyone who can put him on the straight and narrow, it’s Irene (girlie).

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8 Responses to “Kyley”

  1. Yabbie Creeker Says:

    Nearly spat my coffee out laughing at background music comment. He should have been wise, especially to the chore doing teens! I love the cult already. Official.

  2. coppertop Says:

    Jutting Jaw Kyle has a scribbley ‘All or Nothing’ tattoo on his arm now. Where is the tattoo parlour the Braxtons go to?! The makeup artists must love adding to the tattoo collections.

    Has anyone else noticed that since Tedious Tamara lost her memory her clothes have gotten a whole lot nicer?! She used to wear shorts and tops and never skirts or dresses. It’s like she forgot her own style and borrowed April’s.

    Speaking of April- that wan must’ve completely forgotten how good Irene has been to her since she arrived. Her and her sister completely took over Irene’s house for ages and they’re not even related. It was only last week that she was over there with Beeyonka. What does the dirtbag do now- encourage Indi to sneak over and climb through her old bedroom window for a bit of oh my gawdfaather with Chris. Seriously! Bad form April!!

    Brax has gone craiced over Casey being in hospital. Thought he was a bit overboard having a go at Dexter for offering to bring him on a tour of the rest of the imaginary hospital. That dude does not know how to have a good time. Bet he’ll be rubbing some hospital furniture and walls in the coming days.

  3. me123 Says:

    why is Kyle called jutting jaw Kyle?

  4. gillian Says:

    i love how kyle exploded because he didnt want to see tamara with casey but it was fine for casey to have to see him with tamara!

  5. Strikemeroan Says:

    You’re dead right Coppertop about April being an ingrate. That pair must’ve been the worst housemates Irene ever had, and there’s been some serious competition over the years. Someone needs to give Rene a big wad o’cash so she doesn’t need to have housemates or run around making coffee any more – she’s earned the right to a Carribean cruise. Maybe Brax could help her out, he seems awful flush these days what with the secret Pippa donation and covering Casey’s (numerous) hospital bills.

  6. Guest Says:

    @ Gillian I think their is a major difference between Exploding and Sulking and drinking you’re self to death which what Casey did. I mean Tamara chose Kyle so she should stick to him. unless it was Casey she really wanted then she should of just broke it off with Kyle.

  7. KH Says:

    fed up of the Tamara/Casey/Kyle love triangle and Tamara switching brothers get rid of her.

  8. coppertop Says:

    She ain’t called Tedious Tamara for nothin’! Sick to the teeth of her.

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