It’s fiesta time

September 30th, 2013 by Flathead

Dex, Indi and April decided that they were going to have a mexican fiesta night with tacos, sombreros and fake moustaches. Those three are party animals.

Maddy and Spencer are best mates again now, even to the point of rolling around on the beach in their swimwear. Things are much smoother between them now that Sasha is out of the picture, or is she? Welcome back Sasha, your Bay needs you. She got sick of living in the bush with Dr. Sid, plus she missed a certain Spencer. He seemed a bit awkward around her when she met him at his van. Maddy didn’t seem too happy to see her so she went to the farm and gave her a serve, which left Sasha in tears, surprisingly. Why would she give a damn what she thinks? She’s worried that she’s messed it up with Spencer, turn’s out she’s right. He reckons she hurt him once and he’s not willing to let it happen again.

Veej and Jett are very suss about Pippa and her illness. They know something is up, which isn’t surprising given Sally and Bianca were discussing it in the corridor. Miss Scott took Zac out for a walk to go through her condition, which gave the young lads their opportunity to break into the office and check out Pippa’s file. Now they know what it is, they were able to look it up, the cat’s out of the bag. They decided to go have a chat with her, they didn’t realise she was unaware of it. Wait until John and Leah get hold of them, they’ll be hell to pay.

Bianca is having a principal’s dinner at the school, her first one. Since when is this a thing? I don’t remember any of the other principals holding one. Heath doesn’t want to go as he has to wear a suit, maybe he could turn up in his shorts and topless, his usual attire.

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9 Responses to “It’s fiesta time”

  1. strikemeroan Says:

    Ah Heathcliffe. So ragey. So dumb. He’d wanna be careful or Miss Scott is gonna start sniffing around Zach with his book-readin’ and fully sleeved shirts.

  2. PeterKevin Says:

    Heath is such a baby. You’d think it was the garden party at Buckingham Palace they were invited to, its probably just an evening of small talk with mouldy old sausage rolls and some cheap plonk.

    Irene looks crook. We need a doc soon.

    Mind you he or she will be busy with Pippa Beag by the looks of things.

  3. Yabbie Creeker Says:

    Sasha is back, what the hell happened to her, she normally wouldnt take that rubbish from Maddie, she would have decked her! Oooh strikemeroan, its on the cards isnt it, noticed the way she looked at Heath when he was eating the pizza, a far cry from Prince Vittoria..

  4. Summer_Babe Says:

    From today’s episode it would seem like maybe Bianca could get something going with Zach… they would probably be better suited than her and Heath, but she’d probably long for the bad-boy attitude before long.

    Irene is definitely going to get a storyline soon. They’ve been putting her on really long shifts in the diner and she offered to cover other people’s shifts today. I swear, with everyone who’s left recently, I didn’t think it’d be that much work to run the Diner… doesn’t she get a break when people are at work/ at school? So what’s going to happen then… is the cancer going to come back?? Nooooo!!!

  5. coppertop Says:

    Poor Irene! I felt so sorry for her when she went home to an empty house. She needs more story-lines. Please God say the cancaaa isn’t back. I can’t take anymore of it being pronounced cancaaa. You’d think they’d get a dog or some pets in the Bay. None of them have any pets. Irene could do with a dog or a cat. When Irene reached to turn on the lamp in her house I thought she has a bottle of grog hidden there. I hope she doesn’t go back to the drinking.
    They usually have random unknowns working in the Diner when the rest of the crew are rostered on. All of a sudden it’s just Irene. What’s Leah “you’ve no money either. You were on hols for 6 months” gone to? Leah seems to have lost interest in the Diner. Wasn’t Maddening Maddie looking for work at one point? She could get a job there.

  6. Ailsa Says:

    I was just thinking today “Irene should get a dog”. Maybe I should get a life.

  7. Ailsa Says:


  8. strikemeroan Says:

    Poor Irene. Why can’t she have good health, the free use of her own home and a nice fella in her life?!

  9. coppertop Says:

    Irene is completely on her own now. When her house is full everyone is looking to live with her. Typical! She hasn’t had a fella in ages either. The last lad was killed. There is no one suitable knocking around the Bay for her.

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