Grandpa Alf

September 19th, 2013 by Ailsa

Sally’s back, with little Pippa in tow; she thinks everything is “cool”. She also thinks Alf is her Grandpa. No, Pip, that’s Michael (is it?), and Flynn’s da, and probably Leah’s crazy angry dad as well.

Roo didn’t take kindly to Sally just showing up and acting like she owns the place, which she actually does. What a mad reaction. Anyway, they’re friends now.

Sally’s red dress was very nice indeed. Obviously the wardrobe department haven’t got their hands on her yet. She’ll be in a massive kaftan in no time.

Maddie is annoyed with Sasha for sleeping with Spencer, especially since Sasha experienced similar angst when Casey and Tamara got together (mucho teenage drama down Summer Bay way at the moment). Sasha’s reaction was to decide she’s leaving town with Flying Doctor Sid. I think she’ll come to her senses shortly.

Holly summoned Zac to the cliffs (Stewart’s Point?) and asked him why he wouldn’t sleep with her. She doesn’t seem to understand the teacher-student dynamic. She is threatening suicide if he doesn’t “go there”. I don’t really care because he is a big dum dum who didn’t even tell another adult that a student rang him in distress.

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2 Responses to “Grandpa Alf”

  1. coppertop Says:

    I was laughing at Pippa calling Alfred ‘grandpa’ too and then I’d to do a mini family tree in my head to confirm he isn’t her grandpa. I was worried that there would be no mention of Miles. I’m glad they’ve brought him up a bit. Who knew that Leah was even on Facebook liking Miles’ pictures?!! Leah has come a long way from setting up dating profiles.

    No mention of Marilyn’s dating profiles since. She’d want to distract herself from J.P. and maybe give Winston a buzz.

    I couldn’t understand why Roo would be so put out by Sally returning to her own house. By the way they were talking Roo is supposedly a fair bit older than Sally. I hope the wardrobe don’t have them swapping kaftans although there seems to be an abundance of material in the Bay.

    Zac would want to cop on and let Beeyonka deal with Holly. He’d be better off not teaching until Holly is taken out of his class.

  2. Ailsa Says:

    Yeah they are very high-tech in SB now with their Facebook. I bet there’s a Caravan Park page and Roo runs it. Roo must be losing her nosey mind over Facebook.

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