Casey conflicted

September 13th, 2013 by Flathead

Casey is having a hard time adjusting to Brax going out with Ricky, given that she is partly responsible for ruining his life. John took him for a walk and said he’d be there for Casey if he needs a mate to talk to, which was good of him. Brax is perturbed that Casey took the decision on his own without consulting with his older bro. Casey then took the step of moving out. He is ok with their relationship but he won’t live under the same roof as them.

Kyle and Casey are still at odds over Tamara. What happens when she gets her memory back? He called her parents to see if they could talk some sense into their daughter and they asked her if she would like to move home with them. She’s thinking about it, but she doesn’t want to leave Kyle.

The coppers think that Zac or Kyle stored drugs in Leah’s house but we all know it was Holly, the Bay’s youngest psycho. When Heath heard he used it as an opportunity to have a go at Kyle. Kyle is likely to get sacked if he’s up on drug charges according to Bianca. Heath did some investigating with “the Boyz” and one of them said they had sold her the drugs, but they won’t tell the cops, obviously. Holly said she’d tell the cops what she did, if he agrees to spend the night with her.

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2 Responses to “Casey conflicted”

  1. Summer_Babe Says:

    I can’t remember whether it was this episode or the last one, but did anyone see the massive weird bird in the sea??! Huge! With a massive beak.. it seemed like a stork or a cross between a pelican and a stork. Anyone?!
    So funny when JP hosed the Braxton lads down “accidentally”..

  2. Yabbie Creeker Says:

    Summer_Babe I saw the bird, I think it was a pelican.

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