They’ll always have Paris, or at least Yabbie Creek

September 10th, 2013 by Flathead

Today’s bayside business was all domestic. Things have calmed down since Adam got locked up. Isn’t it time they got a new psycho or villain around to stir things up?

April decided to treat Dex to a romantic day. She gave him snails for breakfast at the farm. It was a beautiful alfresco meal. Then she gave him a tango lesson, which was going well until a snake cut in and bit her on the leg. How rude, it didn’t even ask. She passed out due to the snake bite while waiting on the ambo to show up, so he had to drive her to the hospital himself. That would be ok but he has’t driven a car since his accident and his nerves are shot.

John sent Sid on a wild goose chase to see to Marilyn’s sickness. Only problem is that she’s not sick. She apologised to Sid in the diner and then John showed up so she had to fess up. There will be a reckoning there at some stage.

Zac was pumping iron in the gym and asked Indi if he should work on his bad boy image, to make him attractive like a Braxton. Could this be a new love interest for her now that he’s single?

There was some stuff with Heath, Darcy and Connie but I’m too bored to go into it.

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5 Responses to “They’ll always have Paris, or at least Yabbie Creek”

  1. Summer_Babe Says:

    Zac and Indi? Surely not… he’s far too old for her. Besides, the writers seemed to be plugging the Indi-and-Casey storyline, because they were spending so much time at work and getting on well together… what will happen there I wonder.. Case will probably need a few episodes to get over Tamara but there might be something on the cards there…

  2. coppertop Says:

    Bi-yonka was very high gallar this evening. She was doing wild gestures and a lot of hopping about. She wasn’t that animated when she was on the aul drugaĆ­.

    I could see Zak and Indi together but he wouldn’t be half as fun or spontaneous as Romeo was. I’d laugh if she got with a Bad Braxton now after saying she was never with one.

    Where did Nosey Nat clear off to? She doesn’t have a car to sleep in like Zak does.

  3. Ailsa Says:

    I am still waiting for Romeo to return. Will not put him on the Wall of Death until I have proof…

  4. Yabbie Creeker Says:

    Sorry but if you got bitten by a snake, would you not go to the safety of the house, rather than sitting in the field where said snake is still slithering around.. Also why would you put a splint on her leg, it wasn’t broken!! Obvs this was more interesting to me than the silly story lines, I agree we need a new baddie. I wait in hope that Romeo will come back, like Indi I need closure.

  5. Justice Bellingham Says:

    I think Liam should come back with an urn of Romeo’s ashes for Indi to scatter on the beach.

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