Optimus Prime in the microwave

August 3rd, 2013 by Flathead

Casey revealed that when they were young, Heath put his Optimus Prime into the microwave when he was young. Casey is still hurting over it. Similarly Veej is still hurt over Nina stealing his Pokemon card when they were 9. It’s still a problem for him and he doesn’t want to be friends with Jett while they’re going out. Jett staged an intervention between them both. VJ told him to get stuffed and forced him to choose between mate and girlfriend. He chose Nina.

Sasha and Spencer had a showdown with Maddy. The truth is out in the open now, no more skulking around. Maddy said she was fine with their relationship but then she lost it in the diner when she saw them hold hands. Spencer found her at the bait shop for a chat and she’s ok about it now but doesn’t want to be the third wheel in their relationship.

Why does the Braxton house have a load of Samurai Swords on the wall? Surely that’s the last thing they need with their combustable tempers and propensity to row.

Ricky showed up and she’s going to give it a go with Brax. Should be easier now her evil bro is behind bars. She feels bad over what happened to Casey but Brax is trying to absolve her of any blame. Casey freaked out when he came home and found her pashing Brax. Cue the crazy eyes from Casey. Brax told him it wasn’t Ricky’s fault. Casey then decided to phone Tamara’s mother for some reason. What’s he up to?

And with that, they’re gone. No home and away until September 9th. What are we going to do?

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6 Responses to “Optimus Prime in the microwave”

  1. gillian Says:

    i was really hoping there wouldnt be a summer break. and then they crushed me with it. sigh

  2. Summer_Babe Says:

    I know! I thought it was supposed to happen earlier, like when Brax was still in hospital, and with a cliffhanger maybe. There was none. It felt very unexpected. Anyone experiencing withdrawal symptoms yet?

  3. Roo The Ledgebag Says:

    They’re showing some old eps on 5* at half 6 if you can get it. It’s part of a countdown of the sexiest characters in the show.

    It’ll help me get through the drought!

  4. Flathead Says:

    Great news Roo the Ledgebag, thanks for the heads up.

  5. Summer_Babe Says:

    Thank you Roo!! 🙂

  6. Home and Away Ireland » Blog Archive » Summer Bay’s Sexiest… Says:

    […] the name of a series of episodes, currently on Channel 5 at 6:30 (and Channel 5 + 1 at 7:30). Roo the Ledgebag lived up to her (his?) name and let us […]

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