Bad Patient

July 15th, 2013 by Ailsa

Mr. John Palmer is in hospital after what can only be described as a Rocky-style test of strength and stamina with Harvey. Jett is very annoyed as John isn’t looking after himself, one of their primary promises to each other after Gina died. Jett has now declared all promises null and void.

Dex had to give Mr. JP a sponge bath. However, later, he found out he passed his exams. You gotta take the rough with the smooth. Young Walker wasn’t impressed with his results, expecting them to be better. Sid pointed out that he’d had a brain injury, so basically, cop on.

Sasha and Spencer have eyes for each other, but due to a number of misunderstandings, they each think the other wants to be just friends. Indi is no longer playing the morose widow and is now matchmaker and schoolie-employer extraordinaire. She wanted someone to cover the gym while she is at Uni, so, eh, she hired Spencer, who will be at school during that time. WTF.



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6 Responses to “Bad Patient”

  1. coppertop Says:

    Indi got her eyebrows tinted again- blacker than black. For wan with no money she treats herself well. I don’t get that storyline either but infairness Middle-aged Spencer spends most of his time working on boats and stuff with Le Harvey than he does in school.

  2. PeterKevin Says:

    That would win prizes as one of the lamest episodes ever if it weren’t competing alternative which is the Great Braxton Kidnapping Snorefest.

    Bring back the Summer Bay Stalker I say!!!

  3. Mrs River Boy Says:

    WHERE IS THE UPDATES ON TODAY’S EPISODE??? Very intense altogether.

    Why was there no coppers on Brax’s door when the shooter was still on the loose??

    Why is April allowed near emergency patients since she’s only had one semester of medicine school and about a week of placement?

    How annoying and tedious were the non-Brax bits of the episode? I forwarded them all on. Was hard not forwarding the parts where Dex was in the same scene as Brax.

    How amazing was it when Charlie appeared!! ALso how much make up was Charlie wearing? Such a babe though!

    And tenner bet Brax’s first words to her will be ‘Oi Oi’!!

  4. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Charlie….still confused looking, even in death. Pity she wasn’t in her YCPD uniform.

  5. Ailsa Says:

    Ah dammit! We were in the pub. Will revisit!

  6. coppertop Says:

    The coppers only seem to be in the hospital standing over patients when they want to arrest them. The never left Casey’s door when he was in hospital.

    Charlie looked gorgeous. I’d love to see her without makeup on. Her eyelashes are amazingly long.

    I can’t get over how silly the writers are being with April in hospital. They should really introduce other reoccurring medical staff characters. I doubt any medical student having done only one semester in college would be allowed that much freedom in a hospital.

    I’m liking the scenes with Dex and the good doctor/only doctor in the hospital and Summerbay. At least they aren’t forgetting that Dex isn’t that long out of hospital himself.

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