Nothing but a dobber

July 11th, 2013 by Flathead

Maddy felt bad about the trouble that Zac has gotten into. She ratted Holly out to Bianca. The principal came to her senses and realised Holly was full of crap. She confronted her student but Holly is admitting not defeat yet and maintains her innocence. It’ll have to be referred to the department and Zac is on a suspension. Holly went to confront Maddy on the beach and denounced her as a dobber. This drove Maddy to tears, the poor little rat.

“You are a dead-set idiot” is what Heath said to Kyle in the hospital. How right he was when the coppers turned up and arrested Kyle. Kyle hung around at Tamara’s bedside as she is disorientated and has amnesia. She can’t remember Casey or anything that happened since she first appeared in the show. I’d say she’ll fall for Kyle before she recovers her memory. It’s quite similar to the storyline when Leah fell for Peter Baker only for him to fall into a coma, years ago. The writers love an amnesia storyline.

Brax is worried that Ricky may have come a cropper since Tamara was the one that was freed. Heath doesn’t really understand why Brax gives a damn about her, then Brax revealed that he might love her. If only he could have fallen for somebody who wasn’t the sister of his nemesis.

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10 Responses to “Nothing but a dobber”

  1. PeterKevin Says:

    Can someone wake me up when this boredom is over….. There’s zero chemistry between Brax and Ricky and nothing will convince me that he loves her. She’s a whiny wan with zero personality.

    April must have been out on the razz ( or in the ditch) for a few nights, or is her hospital voice meant to be all annoying and croaky like that ?

    The school shenanigans zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    You’d feel sorry for Maddy-No-Mates if she didn’t look old enough to be a teacher herself. I hope they keep Holly and redeem her a little. Remember Aden started off as a bully, he was nasty to Cassie if I recall and look how he turned out.

  2. Rowena Hickey Says:

    Oh please enough with the Braxtons & what is the story with half of the actors leaving? I’m getting suspicious. Are they unhappy with some members of the acting crew being written out in a certain way? Not nice.

  3. Guest Says:

    looks like The Casey/Tamara/Kyle love triangle is going to rear its ugly head again except this time she doesn’t remember Casey and looks like this time Kyle feelings for her are going to be mutual.

  4. Summer_Babe Says:

    Yeah I think April deserves a few days off. I think she has laryngitis! C’mon writers, give her a break!
    I think we’ll see a Spencer/Sasha kiss on Monday or Tuesday… they’d probably make a good couple. Sasha is a sassy gal and deserves a bit of happiness.

  5. strikemeroan Says:

    PeterKevin, I agree on the lack of chemistry between Brax and Ricky, but also it must be acknowledged that the sentence ‘she’s a whiny wan with no personality’ could just have easily applied to Charlie back in the Chax days – maybe he just has terrible taste….

  6. PeterKevin Says:

    Ah now, strikemeroan,Charlie always had a personality. Might have been a bit of a weird one but at least she had one!

  7. coppertop Says:

    I agree with Rowena Hickey. Everytime I turn on the interweb there is a story about another actor leaving. I can’t go on Facetube without the Official Home and Away page saying goodbye to the good Doc and Nosey Nat. I liked Nosey Nat she had a touch of the Irish nosey neighbour about her. Wouldn’t mind at all if they were saying goodbye to Casey, Tedious Tamara, Maddening Maddie and the Ridiculous Ricky.

  8. Yabbie Creeker Says:

    Marathon catchup for me, How in the name of god did Ads happen to know the exact spot on a dry riverbed to dump Tamara’s body, that Kyle and Brax would come upon it!! Loved the line ” your nothing but a dobber”
    Coppertop, you home&away future episode wrecker, I didn’t know Dr Sid or Nosey Nat were going to leave, now I am heartbroken, not for Nat.. she can take Zach with her, but I have got a lot of love for Sid, (definitely for the whisky in the ditch scene”

  9. Yabbie Creeker Says:

    Another really funny scene was when Brax was informed by Heath that Kyle was taken away by the police, Brax reacts by kicking a fencing post!

  10. coppertop Says:

    Oh no Yabbie Creeker. Sorry!! I’m also catching up. 2 weeks without H&A has been difficult. I cant wait to see the fence kicking. The props department must have a tough time with that lad polishing, tapping and now kicking stuff.

    I hope there is another ditch scene left for Sid.

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