Spaddie’s second coming

June 11th, 2013 by Flathead

Spencer is struggling to cope being ditched, he’s moping around the caravan park messing with motor bikes. Maddie called over to see how he was but he gave her a serve, sending her back home in tears. Harvey had a chat with Spencer, to try and see if he could convince him to lighten up a bit and not be so down over their breakup; I’m still not sure why they broke up.

Maddie considered getting back together with Spencer to ease his anger but Roo advised against this. She ignored her advice and they’re back together now, a reinvigorated young couple: Spaddie.

John is doing it tough, Jett’s done a legger and he can’t find him. Marilyn had been helping John, she’s a good woman to have in a crisis, very positive. Alf was out as search party but no joy. It turns out the kid was hiding out in Gina’s old office after breaking into it. John stayed with him while he slept on the floor, comfy. John slept beside him and neither of them looked the best for it in the morning.

Heath is on the warpath now as he thinks Brax paid Connie off to keep him away from Darcy. There’s going to be hell to pay in the Braxton abode.

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5 Responses to “Spaddie’s second coming”

  1. PeterKevin Says:

    So middle-aged Darby and Joan are reunited ! Big yawn.

    Good to see that Roo has tent-like nightwear as well as day wear, judging by her get up when she & Harve were having a chat with the maddening one.

    More Braxton bother about money. Cue Heath shouting the odds, Bianca trying to control him, Kyle grimacing, Casey going all mad-eyed, Tiny Tam jumping up and down trying to be seen and Brax saying “Oi. Can someone tell me what all this is about?”

    I’m crying now every time I see JP and Jett. It is heartbreaking to think of them on their own. Thanks H & A scriptwriters for ruining that happy family. Thanks so very much.

  2. coppertop Says:

    I know I cry every time I see JP and Jett too. It is so sad and I miss Gina and the hilarious, happy family they had. Even though the storyline is sad it is the only one I’m completely interested in. Poor JP and Jett.

    The head of Maddening Maddie on the beach- you can tell she isn’t 100% about her reunion with Middle Aged Spencer.

    Where in the name of God did Brax get $100,000 from?! Wasn’t Adam keeping the business afloat not too long ago and Brax couldn’t pay for top lawyers for the mad-eyed Casey?! I know Kyle is yummy but he hardly got $100k worth of custom in Angelos since his arrival. Every time there seems to be a crowd in the place a Braxton argument ensues and Brax tell everyone to leave. Silly story. On a positive note I can’t wait to see more of Kyle grimacing. mmmm oi oi!!

  3. strikemeroan Says:

    I loved that Spence was wearing a t shirt that said ‘Dead Weight’ on it, perfectly summed up his and Maddie’s roles on the show.

  4. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Kinda disappointed Alfred wasn’t wearing his high vis SAS gear during his search for Jet.

    When was the last time we saw that gear? The time Harvey brought Roo and investor guy out in the middle of a storm?

  5. coppertop Says:

    I know!! Alfred was donning a very snazzy shirt. It didn’t look like anything he’d normally wear. Yeah I think that was the last time he was in his emergency gear.

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