It’s his first wedding

May 28th, 2013 by Ailsa

So said Bianca when describing how special she’d like her wedding day to be, for Heath’s sake. Sure it’s only his first wedding, as opposed to Bianca’s third one in Summer Bay. You’d think she could organise a wedding in her sleep at this stage.

Ms. Scott has been offered Gina’s job, on an acting basis. She is mega stressed about this but of course will take it. Heath is whisking her away (into the bush, probably) to think about it.

It was Spencer’s birthday, so they had a special dinner where, instead of eating the cake, they wore it on their faces. Such a terrible cakewaste.

Maddie and Spencer got the fairy lights out and were going to gallop into the next level, but they decided at the last minute that they weren’t ready. AGAIN. This storyline sure has legs.

Dex told Nurse Sexy in no uncertain terms that he was going to snitch on her. She attempted to blackmail him by threatening to release details of their trysts which took place ALL OVER THE HOSPITAL. Hygienic. I’m not really sure what happened next, but I think she got fired.


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5 Responses to “It’s his first wedding”

  1. strikemeroan Says:

    I loved when Irene said ‘Can I go now?’ in a bored voice when Bianca was yapping on about her wedding woes in the diner. Even Irene ‘Eternal Patience’ Roberts has had enough of Bianca’s non-problems.

    Also, everyone’s forgotten Gina already. Summer Bay Time Warp in action again

  2. Mayor Josh West Says:

    Did anybody else crack up when they said it was Spencers 17th birthday, they must feed their kids more angel dust than Argentinean beef over in Oz!!!

  3. Yabbie Creeker Says:

    haha was so funny seeing the fairy lights ” I just wanted it to be perfect” Mayor Josh West, totally laughed, seriously bad casting he looks mid 20s, was sure they were going to give him at least 18! Wow Bianca pulling out all the stops in her outfit last night, purple top with turquoise shorts..

  4. coppertop Says:

    It’s funny how they have all warmed up to Chris overnight. It’s like they got someone completely different to direct that episode. I never thought I’d see Alfred using a water gun in my life. Summerbay time warp is right!! No mention of John, Jett or Gina.

    I’ve noticed that there has been a lot of sun-bathing in the Bay recently and Bianca has taken out her shorts. I think the writers are trying to convey that it is the summer hols over there but yet they never mention Christmas.

  5. kennyk2 Says:

    I loved Bianca’s shorts and top combo! Gorgeous on her.

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