May 13th, 2013 by Ailsa

After bursting into Bianca’s class with this great idea, Heath got Darcy’s Granny around to show off how mature he has become. She couldn’t believe he’s going to counselling. When she was leaving, I thought to myself “River Granny’s a bit shook there”.

Next thing Heath knew, Granny Connie had whisked Darcy away, “inter-state”. Uh-oh.

Tamara stuck her nose into the Rosie storyline, and wanted to give Mullens a bollocking. Kyle stopped her, then approached Mullens himself, with a very, very, River Boy, “Oi”. Kyle is as strange as Casey when he’s trying to be threatening, except he’s all lower teeth instead of eyes.

Speaking of eyes, Casey’s are going to full-on burst out of his head when he finds out that Kyle kissed Tamara. And that, despite her initial panic, she liked being the jam in a River Boy sandwich.

Something’s gone awry with Jett’s adoption. Of course it has, that crowd were far too happy.

Sid had his collar way up, a la Ross O’Carroll-Kelly.

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7 Responses to “Meatball”

  1. Roo's Nose Says:

    Methinks Kyle Gnasher Braxton won’t give up too easy on Tiny Tam.
    The Heath trying to be an upright citizen story is totally yawnsville now. Oi.

  2. strikemeroan Says:

    ‘Jam in a River Boy sandwich’ hahahaaaa. Of course she loved it. It’s the only thing that makes her not Tedious.

  3. Alex Says:

    I think deep down Tamara liked Kyle’s kiss that’s why she did a runner. I get the impression deep down she likes Kyle. she hasn’t encouraged Kyle but I don’t think his completely imaging it. as for Kyle being strange I think his supposed to be LOL Casey eyes comment

  4. PeterKevin Says:

    Why are the Braxtons dragged into every storyline now ? Super Sash was doing fine with her bashing , why did Tiny Tam ( super name!!!) have to get involved? Next we’ll have Brax or Casey interfering in Jett’s adoption and telling DOCS all about JP’s heart condition.

    Was that the same River Granny that we had when Tegan died? She seemed different. She was so calm about everything, you’d have thought Heath and Bianca might have seen the danger signs. Oh, wait this is Heath and Bianca we’re talking about. They wouldn’t notice if the Sydney Harbour Bridge was moved onto the beach.

    Why was Kyle putting out the rubbish from Angelos in what appeared to be a random spot in the carpark?

  5. strikemeroan Says:

    Brax is too tough to pay bin charges, yo

  6. WheelyBowly Says:

    Tiny Tam’s dramatic run from the Braxton house was hilarious……
    Are Tam and Sash friends now or what?

  7. coppertop Says:

    I think Kyle was putting out the rubbish from the Braxton “house-share” and that was supposed to be outside the house.

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