May 9th, 2013 by Ailsa

Four pretty boring storylines there:

  • April found out Dex was sleeping with The Nurse. She didn’t realise it was really over.
  • Maddie told Spencer he can go home if he wants, but she’s not going.
  • Natalie has given up her Braxton Ban big-stylee
  • Brax is pursuing Ricky, who seems to be a wildlife photographer.


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5 Responses to “Zzzzzz”

  1. coppertop Says:

    Nosey Nat is very high gallar at the moment. Her boyfriend with the Superman haircut is not right in the head. He asked Nosey Nat if she was “alright” with Brax fancying Ricky. Very very strange. They have zero chemistry between them. Can’t bear Ricky, she is such a poser.

  2. Schoolie Says:

    April is awful annoying

  3. Roo's Nose Says:

    Mmm. Not too keen on Ricky either. Brax is falling for her ‘treat ’em mean keep ’em keen’ act hook line and sinker. As if she’d be that blasé about her brother dying. God sake Brax get your brain out if your pants!
    Also lets hope Spencer clears off and moanie Maddie follows close after.

  4. coppertop Says:

    April is awful annoying but I feel sorry for her when she does her 2year old baby cry. I find Dex’ new woman even more annoying though. ‘I read on twitter that you’re hungry and bored so I turned up at your house with food and a dvd.’ Who does that?!! How did she even know where he lives?!

  5. PeterKevin Says:

    April has a cheek to be bothered about what Dex does. Twasn’t too long ago, when she and Dex were apart, she went off “consoling” herself with her sister’s then-ex boyfriend.

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