Heath in therapy

April 23rd, 2013 by Ailsa

The cops showed up after Heath kept Darcy out of school, so Bianca suggested he go to therapy, in order to show Connie he’s a new man and well capable of taking care of his daughter. In the words of Gob Bluth, this is priceless. Imagine Heath in therapy!

Therapist: Mr. Braxton, you are a very angry man.

Heath: I don’t give a stuff.

Therapist: Where do you think this anger is coming from?

Heath: Work it out for yourself, genius.

In other news, I can’t figure Dex and April out at all. They’re together, they’re not together, they’re friends, they’re not friends, it’s ok to study together, it’s not ok to study together ahhhhhh.

April invited some very cool dude to study with her. He thought it was a date. Cringe. Then Dex showed up. Double cringe. It transpired that they are buds from chess club. Triple cringe – for them hahahaahah.

It’s all ok again in the caravan park, after the Next Level Debacle. I reckon Alf will start stoning flamin’ crows if Roo doesn’t stop being so dramatic.

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2 Responses to “Heath in therapy”

  1. strikemeroan Says:

    Nice to hear the phrase ‘taking it to the next level’ being used frequently, though maybe it’s telling that the main ones saying it were Haave and Roo, aka the older generation

  2. Toothpick Says:

    It seems the writers of Summer Bay are determined to completely emasculate poor Heath, seems he’s too much man for one show to handle. First they make him fall for dreary Beeyonka, now they have him in counselling. They won’t be happy ’til his balls are in a glass case on the counter of the diner.

    I’d forgotten Romeo was such a retard. H&A love these contrived storylines where people act in ways no real person in the history of the world has acted, ever. Like not telling your wife you have cancer because you don’t want her to worry. And quitting chemo for the same reason. She’ll probably worry quite a lot after you’re dead, but hey, no need to be thinking that far down the line!

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