The maddest eyes ever

April 16th, 2013 by Ailsa

Zach knocked around to Chez Braxton to tell Casey he have to head back to the clink. Casey proceeded to do the wildest eyes I have ever seen. I’m surprised he didn’t have a rage stroke. I’m also surprised Zach didn’t burn to a crisp under Casey’s extreme glare.

Tamara had a stupid row with Gina over the school uniform. Casey cannily spotted the real issue – she’s scared of going back to school.

Casey is now doing the TPC or the TCP or whatever. He’s not attempting the HSC anymore. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

Tilda got her comeuppance as Jett wrote her essay, detailing how she is a bully and how “Jett James is the hottest guy in school”. Another HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA for you, Tilda.

Maddie and Roo made up. I would have kicked Maddie out on her ear, she is the most ungrateful yoke.

Luke Mitchell aka Romeo is here, I presume it’s to Save Ireland seeing as Gawd hasn’t done it yet. Here he is on TwoTube:

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15 Responses to “The maddest eyes ever”

  1. coppertop Says:

    Poor Luke looks knackered. Thanks for posting that. Imagine he is only 28 and married. Seems like the Aussie’s get hitched younger that the Irish.

  2. Yabbie Creeker Says:

    Jett is officially deadly. Tamara is officially as annoying as April. Where is Rosie, miss her stalky ways, delighted we are going to have more Courtney action in jail, I have a feeling Casey is going to go back to Summer bay high to support Tamara, so he will be doing his HSC rather than his TCP.

  3. Yabbie Creeker Says:

    Your right coppertop, Romeo does indeed look knackered, glad I dont watch 2 tube before hand, god the presenter is hard work, surely they could have had a look at the questions before the interview, 3 times he was asked in different ways who he is most friendly with on set!!

  4. coppertop Says:

    The presenter was a child actress herself. She was Denise Byrne in Glenroe!

    Apparently Jett is almost 15. He is going to be so handsome.

  5. Ailsa Says:

    NO WAY DENISE BYRNE? Stop the lights! That’s a great fact.

    Jett is a dote. I keep saying he’s going to be handsome too. Awww.

  6. strikemeroan Says:

    He said one of the best actors he’s worked with is Marcus Graham aka Haaaavey?! I do not see that.

    Also, the Google Image search results for ‘Marcus Graham’ are hilarious/deepy disturbing.

  7. coppertop Says:

    Haaaavey is hilariously deeply mahogany at the moment and I think he dyed his hair. He is looking creepy these days. Google Imaging now. We’ll have his pictures trending today, haha.

  8. Steeeevo..... Says:

    Haaaaavey acted in an Aussie series as one of Melbourne’s most notorious gangsters ( and apparently he was really good and bloody scary. A long way from there to having to feign interest in some complete idiot kids that show up in Summer Bay with a tenuous storyline and zero personality. I’ll bet he’s wishing he could default to his old character for a moment and go all ‘Lewis Caine’ on them.

  9. gillian Says:

    i watched that series and he was quite hot in it and often naked from what i can remember! he was also in a really old film called secret mens business with simon baker aka the mentalist (who also appeared in home and away back in the day) and romans friends gardy!

  10. gillian Says:

    also, tamara was in an australian cop show with sally fletcher called cops lac, funny to see her in ‘high school’ now. to be fair, a lot of the cast seem to be proper actors who then end up in home and away! harveys friend winston was also in the same crime show

  11. coppertop Says:

    Oh I think Winston should return to Summerbay along with Haaaaavey’s other friend who was eyeing up Maz. Add them to the poll.

  12. Mrs River Boy Says:

    Rage stroke…. Brilliant.

  13. Ailsa Says:

    I didn’t make up rage stroke, it’s from 30 rock.

  14. strikemeroan Says:

    Did it originate in 30 Rock? I heard it there and read it here sort of around the same time, so I assumed it was common parlance. But if course it makes sense that something so funny would come from the pen of Tina Fey

  15. Ailsa Says:

    It did indeed, well that’s where we heard it, nearly died laughing at it the first time!

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