Spanner in the works

April 10th, 2013 by Ailsa

The gym had a very successful launch, and Romeo and Indi decided to christen it, by taking it to the next level there and then. They were interrupted by Sid, however. Scarleh for them. Crucially, Romeo also started complaining of a pain in his shoulder. “Come on down the hospital, Romeo, mate”, arsa Sid.

Once down the hospo, Sid said the damage was just muscular. Deadly, thought Romeo. Later that evening, though, Sid informed Romeo that the radiologist spied something on his x-ray and that he better get it checked out. Uh-oh, radiologist? Here be a cancer storyline?

Who was the last person in the Bay to have cancer? I was going to say Belle, but of course Irene had a run-in with the Big C lately. Boo cancer.

Casey has an opportunity to avoid going back to jail, if he’ll just tell The Super who stabbed him. Young Braxton doesn’t want to leave Jamie in an even worse position though. No-0ne else can understand this.

Maddie had a strop with Roo, out of the blue. Then she returned her violin to Alf. Cop on, girlie.

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9 Responses to “Spanner in the works”

  1. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Well it has been a while since the Summer Bay Cancer Cluster reared its ugly head.
    Everyone in the Bay must have had it at some stage. Irene, Colleen, Roo and Marilyn all had breast cancer and Alf had a brain tumor that caused Ailsa to come back evil. Poor Belle and Flynn both had it and died. And let’s not forget Sally who had to have a hysterectomy cos of an unknown tumor that was only discovered when (original) Flynn’s sister Ashley pushed her.

  2. BusToTheCity Says:

    To the nearest hundred, how many times can Casey refuse help from Zach? Great use of gaeilge with the ‘arsa’. Love it.

  3. coppertop Says:

    Martha had breast cancer too. There hasn’t been any mention of the illegal chemical dumping that was supposedly causing the high cancer rate. That story was forgotten quickly.

    Riddle me this- what is going on with Le Harvey’s face?! He head is suddenly mahogany and his hair is different. He does not look good.

  4. Katherine Says:

    Justice B that is some comprehensive remembering from you. Forgot Sally’s lady troubles alright.

    I’d say Casey will refuse Zach 250 times more.

    Poor Harvey. I’d say the stress is getting to him.

  5. PeterKevin Says:

    Boo hiss Maddie The Ingrate! Flinging the fiddle back like it had woodworm! Nobody speaks to Mr.Stewart like that girly. Go away and learn some manners or better still go away forever.

    Poor Roo. Being a Pretendy Mommy isn’t all a bed of roses now is it? She should have a word with Brax. He’s been Pretendy Daddy to his family for many years now and should have plenty of good advice to pass on.

  6. WheelyBowly Says:

    Also, Maddy is like the second Nicole or Something:)

  7. Ailsa Says:

    Just deleted a spoiler there, in case anyone is wondering why their comment didn’t show up! 😉

  8. WheelyBowly Says:

    Oh my God, I’m so sorry I completely forgot:0 Sorry:)

  9. Cantstandxavier Says:

    Cheek of that Maddy young wan robbing Mr Stewart’s toast right out of his hand!!

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