Grudge match

March 22nd, 2013 by Flathead

How is Heath Liam’s boss in Angelo’s? I thought Liam was the manager and Brax is the owner so I don’t know where Heath comes into it. Heath seemed pretty happy that Liam punched him as it gave him an excuse to fire him, well, pretend to fire him before giving him one last chance, as long as he accepts a demotion. Liam has to suck it up as he needs the money for his son. There are no other options for a man his age given he’s already worked in the school. Turns out Heath is rubbish at managing the place and is running it into the ground.

Jett is in group D according to Tilda/Hanna, a stuck up cow who is in group A. Jett should threaten her with violence and take her lunch money, getting back to his roots. She punched him first, why does he put up with her bullying? He’d kick her ass.

Everyone is looking for work in the diner. Sasha, Rosie and Tamara all asked for a job but Irene couldn’t help them out. Sasha is annoyed with April for helping Tamara find somewhere to live. There’s still a fair bit of bad blood between Sash and her love rival Tamara, now she’s got it in for April and even threw a paper ball at her head in school, which Gina managed to miss somehow. I wouldn’t mess with Sasha, she holds a mean grudge.

Super sleuth Sasha copped on that Rosie doesn’t have a sister and “Hanna” was hired help rather than a blood relation. Rosie flipped when Sasha confronted her and stormed off. Never one to be easily put off she followed her mate home and saw her feeding fish in a fish tank. Not that mysterious, is it?

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3 Responses to “Grudge match”

  1. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Is it just me or is Sasha like an Amazonian? She’s at least a half foot taller than everyone else.

  2. coppertop Says:

    Yeah Sasha Fierce rocks. Would love to be as tall as her. In fairness I don’t know why April took it upon herself to find Tedious Tamara a place to live. It was none of her business and only a few days previously she nearly ate the head off of Tedious Tamara for staying in the Bay and hurting Sasha Fierce fierce.

    The fish tank is a very suspicious.

  3. PeterKevin Says:

    Heath is rubbish at most things especially when Brax isn’t around to hold his hand. I’s say Kyle will have to step in and save the business ( or they could send for the OZ version of the Brennan Brothers!).

    I wish they’d give Liam a serious storyline.

    Can’t understand why April wanted to help Tedious Tamara. She must have known how Sash would react. Just thinking back to April’s early days when she was an eco warrier. Times sure change in SB.

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