Jay Zed

March 18th, 2013 by Ailsa

Ah, how nice to have an episode of H&A on the bank holiday. Better yet, John Palmer showed us his dance moves. He’s nearly as good as George Hook.

There was a whole lotta Rosie in that episode. She’s getting advice from Natalie, she’s an amazing waitress, she’s hiding something from Sasha, and she told Crazy Nelson where Tamara was.

A terrified Tamara was all set to head off with Nelson, until Kyle bashed him over the head. Will they do the sensible thing, and call the cops? Doubtful.

Rosie and Kyle should open their own restaurant, they have the customer service thing down pat.

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8 Responses to “Jay Zed”

  1. coppertop Says:

    How cute was Jett in his rigout?! I adore that chap. Poor Liam is still suffering with his sore throat. He was clearly kissing April since she had it for the past two weeks.

    That Rosie wan is as clueless and whingey Casey. They never stop talking nonsense!

    Heath has disappeared again?! You’d think he’d stay around after his daughter was returned.

    Brax is gone on walkabout for a few days and Kyle- I’m a Braxton not a Riverboy has already started saying Oi. Mmm Kyle.

  2. Justice Bellingham Says:

    Maybe we can get Kyle to come visit Ireland during the summer? We already have Romeo here in April and Heath in July.

  3. Justice Bellingham Says:

    John and Jett along with Liam are hilarious but kinda sad to see this is the only story Liam gets now. He was the one who got Belle on drugs afterall and now it’s like he’s working in a youth club.
    Kyle is now my favouritest Braxton.

  4. coppertop Says:

    Justice we should start a campaign to bring Kyle over.

    Liam got over the divorce pretty quickly. It’s pretty sad that his only storylines at the moment are offshoots of main stories. I thought he might get with Nosey Nat. He is like a social worker now which reminds me- There hasn’t been a home for tearaways and homeless people in the bay in a long time- probably since it last burnt down. What did they call that place before? Whatever it was called there was always an amazing amount of stabbings, beatings and robberies there.

  5. Ailsa Says:


  6. coppertop Says:

    Ah the Drop in Centa as they used to call it. Yeah they should build a new one and then the Sergeant without a name would have plenty of work and Alfred would be sure to don the yellow rigout when the next hurricance, fire, landslide, etc hits it. I hear Celia placing bets now.

  7. PeterKevin Says:

    Did Elijah not run a Shelter of some sort at his church?

    Amazing that Liam has fallen so low in the SB hierarchy alright ( clever what I did there, I know). I reckon that his kids will eventually appear in SB and he’ll end as a family man.

    Where did Rosie appear from, we never heard of her before the toga-party fiasco and Sash has never had any friends.

  8. coppertop Says:

    The Ninja Rev did but it wasn’t like the old Drop in Centa. Haha. Liam has a boy somewhere in Europe. Rosie appeared in the corridor in school one day a couple of weeks ago and has stalked Sasha Fierce since.

    I didn’t see Maddie and Spencer arrive with a suitcase or anything but by God they seem to have different and brand new looking clothes on them everyday. They are the trendiest tearaways I’ve ever seen. Amazing!

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