Romeo revolution

December 15th, 2012 by Flathead

Romeo has managed to kick the ‘roids and reclaim his wife but what about the surf carnival? This beach bum has a crown to reclaim, or does he? Indi seemed to have a positive influence on him, letting him know that the carnival wasn’t the be all and end all, so he ditched it, favouring long term paralysis over short term glory.

Dex told Sid that his therapist had been married, which was a big deal at the start but then Lisa told Dex that the marriage was long over. Lisa met Sid in Angelo’s, the only romantic destination in the bay. They could have a future, they’re responsible professionals, with a sense of humour and reality, not something you get everyday by the beach.

VJ and Jett have a good con on the go. They’re getting money from John and Gina, clever boys. While VJ distracted John, Jett robbed the place blind I predict these lads will end up as criminal masterminds. But just as they thought things were getting “awesome”, John and Gina snared them on the beach with the fireworks; tough luck lads, you’re in trouble now.

No Home and Away until January, what are we going to do?

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  1. PeterKevin Says:

    I’m in complete shock that we are to be in the dark til 2013. Thanks RTE for letting us know. Not…

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